Biased UN Report on the JCPOA’s Implementation

Biased UN Report on the JCPOA’s Implementation

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The world body consistently turns a blind eye to US, NATO and Israeli high crimes, wanting them kept out of view.

US-installed UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ignores Pentagon-led high crimes of war and against humanity in multiple US war theaters, disgracing the office he holds, flagrantly violating his mandate.

He ordered the important March 2017 Richard Falk/Virginia Tilley UN published “Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid” report pulled from the world body’s web site on orders from Washington.

At the time, the Palestinian BDS National Committee denounced his deplorable action, saying it’s a report Israel wants kept suppressed.

On Wednesday, UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo addressed Security Council members on the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal’s implementation, deplorably saying:

Guterres “believes that issues not directly related to the plan should be addressed” – ones Washington and Israel use to disgracefully demonize Iran, DiCarlo adding:

“(T)he Secretary-General calls on Iran to consider carefully the concerns expressed by member states about Iranian activities that are allegedly contrary to” the JCPOA’s letter and spirit – a bald-faced lie!

Her comments referred to alleged/unproved accusations of Iranian arms supplied to Houthi fighters in Yemen, along with its legitimate ballistic missile program – at the same time, ignoring US, NATO, Israeli, Saudi, UAE aggression.

Guterres shamefully “call(ed) on Iran to consider carefully the concerns expressed by member states about Iranian activities,” according to DiCarlo.

Moscow and Tehran criticized Guterres for failing to address the Trump regime’s unlawful JCPOA pullout, along with other flagrant US international law breaches – notably in its war theaters, waging aggression against nations threatening no one.

Iran’s UN envoy Gholam-Ali Khoshroo criticized the world body report on the JCPOA’s implementation, unanimously endorsed by SC Res. 2231. 

He accused Guterres of supporting “baseless and unfounded” claims by member states hostile to the Islamic Republic, stressing:

“(T)he UN Secretariat is in no” position to judge Iran and its activities based on directives given it by Washington, Israel and their imperial allies.

“Iran’s mission has comprehensively conveyed its views to the Secretariat and Security Council members, and criticized the provisions of the UN chief’s report on Resolution 2231’s implementation.”

Russia’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya also slammed the biased UN report, saying:

“It is absolutely incomprehensible how a report on the implementation of Resolution 2231 can be drawn without even mentioning the fact that Washington’s re-imposing unilateral sanctions is a flagrant violation of not only its liabilities under the JCPOA but also Resolution 2231.”

The unacceptable report is “openly imbalanced in nature and resembles more an unfounded series of accusations against Iran rather than an attempt to paint an objective picture of the situation” – unjustifiably citing alleged Tehran violations despite no evidence proving them.

The JCPOA was an internationally endorsed landmark agreement, Iran scrupulously in compliance with its provisions.

“(I)t remains a standard of a multilateral nonproliferation agreement which other initiatives still have to live up to,” Khoshroo stressed.

Trump flagrantly breached it by his unlawful pullout for spurious reasons.

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