Media Scoundrels Slam Putin/Trump Summit

Media Scoundrels Slam Putin/Trump Summit

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Despite virtually no chance for meaningful improvement in dismal bilateral relations, media scoundrels militantly oppose the idea of Putin/Trump.

They’re in lockstep with neocon extremists, infesting both right wings of US duopoly governance, supporting their endless war on humanity.

Russophobic NYT editors endorse disgraceful Big Lies about Russia, repeating them with disturbing regularity.

Putin “seiz(ed) Crimea and attack(ed) Ukraine,” they roared, falsely blaming Russia for US-supported and encouraged Kiev aggression on Donbas. 

Times accusations are bald-faced lies, explained clearly in previous articles.

So-called “punishing international sanctions,” they cited are flagrantly illegal, failing to explain hard truths – imposed only by Washington and subservient EU states, sacrificing their sovereignty to Brussels and the US.

The Times: “(T)he people (Trump) appointed to run America’s intelligence services believe unequivocally that Mr. Putin interfered in the 2016 election to put him in office and is continuing to undermine American democracy. Right?”

WRONG!! The colossal Russian election interference hoax was dreamed up by Obama’s neocon CIA director John Brennan – the Big Lie remaining a dominant narrative ever since, drowning out truth-telling.

Every thinking person in Washington knows what’s going on. Not many of them around. The nation’s capital abounds with war-mongering Russophobic neocon extremists.

The Times: “The tensions Mr. Trump has sharpened with our allies should please Mr. Putin, whose goal is to fracture the West and assert Russian influence in places where the Americans and Europeans have played big roles, like the Middle East, the Balkans and the Baltic States.”

WRONG AGAIN!! Putin seeks cooperative relations with all nations, supports peace and stability worldwide, his agenda polar opposite Washington’s permanent war policy for unchallenged global dominance – sovereign independent states like Russia, Syria and many others targeted for regime change.

Disgraceful Times disinformation on Syria alone gives yellow journalism a bad name – calling US naked aggression civil war, describing US-supported terrorists as “rebels” or “opposition forces,” along with many other examples

Times editors deplorably consider Trump’s summit with Putin a threat to “the country’s security” – only if his regime initiates hostile actions against Russia.

There’s no chance whatever that the Kremlin would preemptively attack America or any other country, what America does repeatedly.

Neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post editors called Trump agreeing to summit talks with Putin “kowtowing to the Kremlin,” repeating long ago discredited Big Lies about Ukraine, Crimea, intervening in Syria, America’s presidential election, the Skripal incident, and much more.

“Why is Mr. Trump kowtowing again,” they asked? Why does WaPo consistently lie in its reporting on Russia and other geopolitical issues, a question its editors won’t answer!

WaPo: “We are on dangerous ground. Either Mr. Trump has lost touch with essential US interests or there is some other explanation for his kowtowing that is yet unknown.”

The deplorable state of America’s media is beyond redemption – press agent journalism, not the real thing, exclusively supporting wealth, power and privileged interests.

US media scoundrels suppress and/or sanitize news, information and analysis vital to know, replacing it with worthless rubbish – a Times and WaPo specialty.

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