Trump Let Putin Have Syria for Summit Talks?

Trump Let Putin Have Syria for Summit Talks?

by Stephen Lendman

Washington invested countless trillions of dollars in its imperial project – wars of aggression on sovereign independent countries for regime change its core feature. 

Trump carries the torch handed him by Obama, his agenda more aggressive than his predecessors. Neocons infesting his regime call the shots.

For over seven years, Syria has been a prime US target for regime change. The road to Tehran runs through Damascus. 

Toppling Assad would isolate the Islamic Republic regionally – letting Washington, NATO and Israel focus on replacing its government with a ruthless  Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi-led clone regime.

According to Israel’s military intelligence DEBKAfile (DF) propaganda arm, “Trump quietly decided to let Syria go to Russia in the interests of a successful summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on July 16.” 

“Israel, Jordan…Syrian (US-supported terrorists falsely called “rebels”) and Kurdish groups hitherto backed by the United States were left to fend for their own security as best they could.” 

“As a last concession, the US turned a blind eye to Putin’s pass for Iranian and Hizballah forces to move in along with the Syrian army.”

DF claims “for a few dollars to support their families,” southwestern Syrian refugees will don explosive vests to detonate against bordering Israeli positions.

What DF calls a “disastrous security calamity” is fake news. No evidence suggests it’s credible.

Israel’s only security are invented ones. No others exist. Claims otherwise are bald-faced lies.

The notion that neocon hardliners in charge of Trump’s geopolitical agenda would abandon Washington’s longstanding regime change agenda in Syria for summit talks with Putin or anything else, weakening a similar plot against Iran, is nonsense.

All US-launched post-9/11 wars remain ongoing more or less intensively, Afghanistan the model, entering its 18th year this fall with no end in sight.

Iraq and Libya remain endless cauldrons of violence and chaos following US-led aggression in both countries. Pentagon terror-bombing continues intermittently. US special forces are actively involved in both countries – along with most others worldwide.

Washington’s Global War OF Terror rages. According to the Center for International Policy’s Arms and Security Project director William Hartung, US special forces operate in 149 countries worldwide – provoking greater conflict rather than reducing it, pursuing America’s permanent war agenda.

Trump is hostage to sinister dark forces in Washington controlling him, elements militantly hostile to Russia and other sovereign independent nations.

Chances for a meaningful Reagan/Gorbachev-type deal from the upcoming Putin/Trump summit are virtually nil – regardless of what publicly reported

Russophobic administration, congressional and Pentagon elements in Washington consider Russia America’s main adversary. 

A few hours of Putin/Trump summit talks and whatever follows won’t change longstanding US hostility toward Moscow and Vladimir Putin.

Nor will Washington concede defeat in Syria and leave voluntary, abandoning or at least severely compromising its Middle East imperial project.

Regime change in Damascus and Tehran remain firm US policies. Phony Hezbollah and Hamas threats persist to keep the region boiling – key for Washington and Israel, pursuing endless violence and chaos.

Peace and stability defeat their agenda. Endless wars and turmoil serve it.

Putin/Trump summit talks may cool bilateral tensions temporarily – hardly likely longer-term given US rage to transform Russia into another US satellite state. 

Its sovereign independence undermines longstanding US hegemonic aims to rule the world, wanting all nations subservient to its interests.

Former NATO commander General Wesley Clark earlier explained US plans to “destroy the governments of seven countries:” Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Iran.

He called the scheme a post-9/11 “policy coup,” including war on Afghanistan. No evidence suggests Washington’s agenda changed. 

Russia’s intervention against US-supported terrorists in Syria slowed things. America’s imperial agenda remains on course.

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