Media Scoundrels Jump on Phony Indictments of Russian Nationals

Media Scoundrels Jump on Phony Indictments of Russian Nationals

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

They’re “lovin it,” – with attribution to a US advertising pitch, selling stuff not worth buying.

Nor are phony indictments, solely for political reasons, discussed in same day articles. America finds new ways of disgracing itself more than already.

Anyone paying attention knows Russia didn’t interfere in Washington’s political process – not in 2016, earlier, or by cooking up something for November midterm elections.

Claims otherwise are bald-faced lies, disgracing anyone making or supporting them – embarrassing everyone believing them.

The Russophobic NYT was especially scandalous in its coverage of Friday indictments, headlining in multiple reports:

“US Indicts 12 Russians in 2016 Hacking: Intelligence Officers Charged Ahead of Trump-Putin Visit”

“What Friday Indictments Mean” – turning truth on its head, claiming “(t)he Russian government was unambiguously responsible for the attack on our election.”

“12 Russians Charged: Major Highlights of the Indictment and (deputy AG) Rod Rosenstein’s Statement.” What followed was a litany of lowlights and Big Lies.

“Trump Invited the Russians to Hack Clinton. Were They Listening?” Pretty shocking stuff, what legitimate editors wouldn’t touch.

“As the ‘witch hunt’ finds more witches, the gap between Trump and Justice officials grows stark” – claiming “Rosenstein laid out the most detailed account yet of how the Russian government tried to influence the election that brought Mr. Trump to power,” adding:

“Rosenstein described a Russian influence operation that had to be blessed by the Kremlin, and named the perpetrators who carried it out.”

The above claims are disgraceful bald-faced lies! Not a shred of credible evidence supports them. None exists.

Times editors had their say, headlining “How Do You Say ‘Witch Hunt in Russian?” They claimed phony charges are legitimate.

They blasted Trump for intending to hold summit talks with Putin on Monday. They lied saying “the Russian government undertook a coordinated campaign to help swing the election in his favor.”

A litany of further Big Lies followed about what didn’t happen – no Russian interference, no election meddling. Hillary lost because she’s more widely despised than Trump.

Russiagate should be called Hillarygate, a previous article saying with considerable media help, her campaign cooked the books for her to win, losing for failing to cook them enough.

She and the DNC hired former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to produce a dodgy dossier on Trump – filled with spurious accusations and allegations, an effort with no credibility.

No Russiagate investigation was warranted. No special counsel should have been appointed. The whole ugly business should be terminated with bipartisan consent. Not a chance, of course!

Phony Friday indictments breathed new life into Russia and Trump bashing – conveniently timed ahead of Monday’s summit with Putin.

The Washington and scoundrel media swamps got a little deeper – hard truths again losing out.

A Final Comment

The entire scoundrel media establishment jumped on Friday indictments.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post headlined “A timely reminder that Putin is no friend of ours.” 

Just the opposite is true. Virtually the entire US political and media establishment is no friend of his or Russia.

The Wall Street Journal said Friday indictments “raise(d) (the) stakes for (the) Trump-Putin Summit.”

The BBC said the “Trump-Putin summit ‘is on’ after the hacking indictment.”

On anything related to Russia, media scoundrels recite from the same script, supporting the official narrative no matter how outrageous, suppressing hard truths able to destroy it.

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