Neocon CIA House Organ WaPo Big Lies on Putin/Trump Summit

Neocon CIA House Organ WaPo Big Lies on Putin/Trump Summit

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Washington Post remarks below reflect the views of the CIA, an agency the late Chalmers Johnson called a “secret, unaccountable army,” a global Mafia hit squad incompatible with democratic governance, prioritizing lawless covert operations worldwide – operating virtually everywhere.

Langley specializes in toppling democratically elected governments, assassinating heads of state and key officials, propping up friendly despots, using drones and other weapons as instruments of state terror, and operating a global network of black site torture prisons.

Its “unchecked power” threatens freedom. Its existence “shorten(s) the life of the American republic.” It “menace(s) democratic rule,” Johnson explained.

Like other media scoundrels, WaPo trashed Putin/Trump summit talks.

Its July 17 edition overflowed with bashing both leaders, Trump for daring to meet with his Russian counterpart, accusing him of colluding with Putin, how its editors characterized their meeting, saying:

Their joint “new conference…was a disastrous capitulation” – a bald-faced lie!

“Trump…align(ed) himself with the Kremlin against American law enforcement before the Russian ruler and a global audience” – disgraceful rubbish!

Trump’s remarks “could have been scripted by Moscow” – shameful stuff!

Putin “scored a symbolic victory” by appearing with Trump “as an equal with the US president…” He’s a diplomatic giant compared to his US counterpart pygmy on the world stage. 

Trump “openly collud(ed) with the criminal leader of a hostile power.” No responsible editors would permit publication of this disgraceful bald-faced lie.

Here’s the rest of an edition devoted almost entirely to Putin/Trump summit bashing, blocking out other reports not worth reading:

“ ‘Very much counter to the plan’: Trump defies advisers in embrace of Putin” – by meeting with his counterpart as he has with many others, not drawing criticism other than for his public remarks at times.

“Trump offers little pushback to Putin’s denial of election interference” – because none occurred WaPo and other media scoundrels won’t ever admit.

“The moment called for Trump to stand up for America. He chose to bow.” According to WaPo, meeting with Putin constitutes bowing, a disgraceful headline.

In an article headlined “The facts missing from Trump and Putin’s news conference,” WaPo recited long ago discredited canards, falsely claiming Russia US meddling, Kremlin cyber-espionage, along with other utter rubbish.

“Trump’s defense of Putin finds few supporters in Congress.” Nearly all House and Senate members are disgracefully Russophobic, agents of wealth, power and privilege, championing all US wars of aggression.

“ ‘Today has shaken me to my core’: Late-night hosts skewer Trump’s news conference.” They’re paid to lie and deceive, pretending to entertain.

“Fox News’s Chris Wallace gives Putin the grilling Trump won’t.” Russia’s leader embarrassed the Fox host with his candor and straightforwardness – polar opposite how nearly all US politicians operate. Most are serial liars, suppressing truth-telling on vital issues.

“Putin’s view triumphs in Helsinki as Trump questions US intelligence.” The whole world should question the US intelligence community’s Big Lies about Russia and many other countries.

“Trump repudiates US intelligence community by according equal weight to Putin.” The community’s reports on US-invented adversaries reflect hate-mongering propaganda, not legitimate intelligence.

“Trump’s astounding ignorance about history” – bashing him for daring to explain US/Soviet Russia dialogue occurred more regularly than now, important agreements reached under Nixon and Reagan.

“Trump doing it his way” – more criticism for daring to meet with Putin on the world stage.

“Trump replaces national pride with personal vanity” – more unjustifiable criticism for meeting with Putin in Helsinki.

“ ‘Who do you believe?’ a reporter asked Trump. His answer was stunning” – referring to fabricated US intelligence community claims about Russian US election meddling that didn’t occur.

“We are a deeply stupid country…at our most imbecilic when dealing with Russia” – WaPo supporting adversarial relations with a nation threatening no others.

“Trump is a Putin fanboy. Someday we’ll know why” – disgracefully saying he aims “to make Russia great again.”

“If you work for Trump, quit now…Save your souls. Save your honor” – not for the right reasons, for the wrong ones, falsely saying “Russia attacked our democracy.”

No US democracy exists to attack. Russia attacked no one. America attacks everyone unwilling to bow to its will.

“Trump has just composed the most elaborate thank-you note in history,” adding “(i)f Putin wanted a US president to do his bidding, it would look exactly like this” – referring to the Helsinki summit.

There you have, practically an entire WaPo issue devoted to reporting a litany of Big Lies about Monday’s Helsinki summit – around 20 reports and commentaries on this issue alone.

I left out a couple of others as disturbing as the above ones. Like other media scoundrels, WaPo is a disgraceful lying machine.

Journalism the way it should be is banished from its editions on geopolitical and other major issues.

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