UK and Ecuador Conspiring to Extradite Assange to US

UK and Ecuador Conspiring to Extradite Assange to US

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

President Lenin Moreno betrayed his supporters by transforming Ecuador into a US vassal state, reversing Rafeal Correa’s more progressive agenda.

In cahoots with Washington and Britain, Moreno appears headed toward expelling Julian Assange  from his country’s London embassy, a move to extradite him to America for the crime of reporting hard truths its ruling regimes want suppressed.

On July 15, the London Sunday Times reported UK and Ecuadorian ministers at the highest levels are conspiring to evict Assange from the South American country’s embassy, given safe haven there in 2012.

Moreno lied calling Assange a “hacker.” He a publisher of vital truths imperial America, Britain, and their NATO partners in high crimes want suppressed.

Rafael Correa protected Assange from kangaroo court injustice in Britain and America. Moreno considers him an “inherited problem,” a “stone in the shoe.”

According to the London Times, “(s)ources close to the Australian-born Assange said he was not aware of the talks but believed that America was exerting ‘significant pressure’ on Ecuador, including threatening to block a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) if the Latin American state did not evict him from the embassy.”

Indicting 12 Russian nationals on fabricated US election meddling charges increased US pressure on Ecuador to hand over Assange to Britain as a conduit for permitting his extradition to America.

For first time weeks earlier, two Australian High Commission officials visited Assange in London at the Ecuadorian embassy. 

He’s an Australian national, abandoned by his native country in deference to Washington. It’s unclear if the first time visit suggested a possible policy change – very doubtful.

Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson she couldn’t reveal details of the meeting because of the “delicate diplomatic situation.”

According to an Inter-American Court of Human Rights days earlier ruling, nations are obliged to uphold inviolable asylum rights, guaranteed under international law, including the right of safe passage to the country granting asylum.

The US and Britain consistently and repeatedly breach fundamental international laws – Moreno an apparent co-conspirator with regard to Assange. He could be expelled from Ecuador’s London embassy any time.

According to WikiLeaks legal advisor Geoffrey Robertson, the Trump regime concocted a “new legal theory” with no validity, circumventing First Amendment free expression/free press rights in cases involving foreign journalists.

It’s a flagrant misinterpretation of what this vital right is all about, excluding no one for any reasons, notably bogus ones in the case of Assange.

Friday’s indictment of 12 Russian nationals on fabricated charges didn’t mention WikiLeaks by name. It referred instead to “Organization 1,” falsely claiming it hacked into and stole “documents…from US persons, entities and the US government” – a bald-faced lie.

WikiLeaks is a media organization, publishing information it’s provided, operating legally, stealing nothing, committing no crimes. Yet it’s unjustly targeted anyway.

Assange explained information WikiLeaks obtained relating to the US 2016 presidential election came internally from a whistleblowing DNC source legally. No evidence proves otherwise.

No Kremlin interference in America’s political process occurred – a US specially, occurring scores of times worldwide in the post-WW II era.

Assange’s fate is up for grabs. Despite having committed no crimes, he could end up imprisoned in America longterm – solely to silence him and discourage others from revealing disturbing truths Washington wants suppressed.

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