Mocking Helsinki: The NYT and WaPo in the Vanguard

Mocking Helsinki: The NYT and WaPo in the Vanguard

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

When it comes to Russia, Vladimir Putin personally, and virtually all other geopolitical issues, the Times and WaPo abandon journalism the way it’s supposed to be – featuring utter rubbish instead. 

The entire scoundrel media establishment operates the same way – agents of disinformation and deception, truth-telling on vital issues suppressed.

The self-styled newspaper of record Times and CIA house organ WaPo are hysterical over Trump holding summit talks with Putin in Helsinki.

They’re fearful of something positive from them, enraged over Trump intending follow-up summit talks in Washington later this year.

The Times: By holding summit talks with Putin, Trump is “at odds with…the rest of his administration,” nearly the entire Congress, and virtually all media scoundrels.

“The disconnect between the policies aimed at curbing Russia and the president’s position has never been wider,” the Times roared, adding:

Russia is “a growing threat, a potential or actual adversary intent on undermining democratic institutions of the United States and its allies.”

Inviting Putin to the White House for follow-up summit talks “would pose stiff security risks,” citing former DNI/exposed perjurer in earlier congressional testimony James Clapper.

A national security state, congressional, and media establishment full-court press continues challenging Trump for wanting improved relations with Russia.

Along with round-the-clock Russophobic US cable propaganda, masquerading as news and information, war on Trump’s outreach to Putin is unrelenting by the Times and WaPo.

Commentaries in WaPo’s latest edition featured Russophobic hate-mongering, claiming Trump is “reviving policies that once darkened the world,” saying summit talks with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Putin reflected lack of “moral and ethical qualities.”

“Did Putin share stolen election data with Trump,” another disgraceful commentary asked?

One of its editorial board members roared that “Putin is probably still smirking about Helsinki,” claiming Trump’s relations with Europe and outreach to Putin “doom” the so-called “post-World War II liberal order led by the United States…”

Another deplorable opinion piece said Trump accepts Putin’s “version of reality,” claiming Helsinki changed things for the worst, “official Washington in shock” over getting along with Russia’s leader instead of confronting and criticizing him.

“Putin has decided confrontation helps him more than cooperation,” a propaganda piece roared, referring to the long ago exposed Russian US election meddling Big Lie.

A Friday op-ed disturbingly urged “a debate over whether treason is being committed by the White House,” calling for Trump to be challenged for daring to want improved relations with Russia.

America’s military/industrial/security/media establishment needs invented Kremlin and terrorist threats to justify countless trillions of dollars spent on militarism and endless wars of aggression – pretending it’s to protect the nation and its people from menaces too grave to ignore when none exist.

Propaganda works as intended. Polls show most Americans believe the Big Lies they’re fed.

Media scoundrels play the lead role in manipulating the public mind to go along with official policies eroding their rights and welfare.

As long as most Americans believe Russia poses a national security threat, eventual nuclear war remains an ominous possibility.

It may be inevitable with bipartisan neocons in charge of policymaking in Washington. 

Trump and other presidents have a choice – either go along with the official agenda or be replaced by an alternative leader who will.

It’s why I call today the most perilous time in world history. We all may be inevitably doomed.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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