Travel to Israel is Hazardous

Travel to Israel is Hazardous

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Everyone supporting peace, equity and justice is unwelcome in Israel. Backing Palestinian rights is practically considered terrorism.

Following passage of Israel’s racist Nation State Law, non-Jews (especially Muslims) are officially considered separate and unequal under Israeli Basic Law – its equivalent of constitutional law. 

Haaretz editors called Netanyahu “the apartheid prime minister,” heading a regime prioritizing “discrimination against Israeli citizens who are not Jewish.”

Occupied Palestinians are considered subhuman nonpersons. Racism was institutionalized in Israel from inception, world Jewry welcome, non-Jews unwanted.

Democracy was always more hypocrisy than reality. The Nation State Law made apartheid rule the law of the land – the country best avoided for personal safety.

In May 2017, Arabic attorney Sanaa Ibn Bari for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) explained how she was racially profiled and abused at Ben-Gurion airport – because she’s “Arab.”

Checking in for a flight abroad, she was handed a sticker with the number “43,” signifying a traveler arousing suspicion.

Bari endured the arduous, time-consuming process – “tired, mostly from playing the role of suspicious Arab woman.”

Her suitcase was completely emptied of its contents, all items including underwear passed through a scanner.

It’s unclear among security personnel who’s superior and subordinate. Bari couldn’t “figure it out. Who’s the boss,” she wondered?

“Come with me. We need to do a body check,” she was told, enduring “forcible intrusion” before, “after which (she) cried for five hours on the plane,” adding:

“The agent refuses to tell me what’s going to happen to me and my fears return. At her request, I remove my shoes and stare at the X-ray machine and at a partition.” 

“Will it be one of them or both? It doesn’t matter. I don’t want either one. I don’t want to choose between radiation and being felt up.”

“Tears well up. In my mind, I have already decided. I want my things back. I have reached my limit. I can no longer tune it out.”

Bari could have explained her ordeal in more excruciating detail – repeated countless times daily to incoming and outgoing passengers at Ben-Gurion airport.

Why put up with abusive treatment for being characterized as suspicious – how Arabs and supporters of right over wrong are mistreated by Ziofascist rule masquerading as democratic.

Israeli citizen Moriel Rothman-Zecher lives in America. Arriving at Ben-Gurion airport, he was interrogated by Shin Bet security officials over his suspected involvement in and/or support for Breaking the Silence and All That’s Left, both groups opposed to militarized occupation.

Asked who he identified with, he expressed support for “organizations that use nonviolent tactics to bring about a better future.”

Rothman-Zecher wasn’t mistreated or otherwise abused. He was warned about who he associates with. “What happened to me happens to every Palestinian every day,” he explained.

Commenting on the incident, human rights attorney Gaby Lasky said “(t)he fact that Shin Bet investigators wait for Israeli citizens, whose only crime is involvement in human rights organizations, in order to caution them ought to keep us all awake at night.” 

“This government is apparently introducing the norms of a thought police and trying to intimidate normative citizens so they’ll cease their civic engagement.”

All police states operate the same way – Israel and America worst of all. Both countries partner in each other’s high crimes of war and against humanity.

Travel to Israel at your own risk. Best to stay away and be safe.

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