Foiled Assassination Attempt of Venezuelan President

Foiled Assassination Attempt of Venezuelan President

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Washington wants US-controlled puppet rule replacing all sovereign independent governments – Venezuela a prime target because of its world’s largest oil reserves Big Oil wants to exploit.

US regimes have been waging political and economic war on Venezuela since Hugo Chavez replaced fascist tyranny with Bolivarian social democracy.

Earlier coup attempts against him and current President Nicolas Maduro failed.

Obama killed Chavez. He was either poisoned or infected with incurable cancer-causing substances. 

Four surgeries in 18 months raised suspicions. They couldn’t save him. He died in March 2013 at age 59, his death similar to how Israel murdered Yasser Arafat by radioactive polonium poisoning.

Chavez knew he was marked for death. Washington wants Maduro eliminated. In August 2017, Trump reportedly suggested a military option to remove him.

Weeks earlier at a military promotion ceremony in Caracas, Maduro called on the nation’s armed forces to remain vigilant against the “supremacist and criminal vision of those who govern the US.”

During a televised Saturday address, Maduro reportedly was targeted by drones armed with C-4 explosives.

An unnamed source said “the assassination (attempt) has presumably happened, but it turned out to be unsuccessful.”

Maduro was rushed from the scene unharmed, seven national guard soldiers reportedly injured.

According to Venezuela’s information minister Jorge Rodriguez, several drones armed with explosive attempted an attack on the country’s leadership on Saturday.

Some crashed in a Caracas residential area, failing to reach their target. Minister Perez Abad tweeted: “Soon, our national government will inform about what happened on the Bolivar avenue.”

“Our President Nicolas Maduro feels fine as well as the supreme political and military command of the revolution.”

Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly president Diosdado Cabello accused “(r)ight wing forces (of) using violence (to usurp power) they could not get through the vote.”

Following the incident, Maduro said “(w)e will hold accountable those responsible who live abroad, especially in the United States,” adding: 

“According to the preliminary findings, many of the organizers of the assassination are living…in the state of Florida.”

“It was an attack to kill me. They tried to assassinate me today. I have no doubt that (fascist narco-terrorist, human rights abuser with close ties to Washington’s imperial agenda) Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack.”

CIA coup plotters surely orchestrated what assassins were hired to carry out.

Chavez knew he was a marked man. So does Maduro. He remains vulnerable to other imperial plots to eliminate him.

Washington wants pro-Western  tyranny replacing Bolivarian social democracy. That’s what years of political and economic war, earlier coup attempts, and Saturday’s incident were all about.

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