Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria and White Helmets Terrorists

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria and White Helmets Terrorists

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below), conditions in Syria are “complicated” but improving.

Southwest territory bordering Jordan and Israeli illegally occupied Golan is nearly entirely liberated from ISIS and other US-supported terrorists.

Elements relocated from the Damascus countryside and southwest areas are regrouping to attack government forces in Idlib province – the last major terrorist stronghold in the country.

Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Bahram Qassemi said Islamic Republic military advisors will remain in Syria at the request of Damascus until  terrorists are largely defeated and stability mostly restored.

Weeks earlier, Assad’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said withdrawal of Iranian forces and Hezbollah from Syria is not on the agenda as long as foreign aggression continues.

“Syrian government forces are growing stronger,” including by “reconciled” opposition forces switching sides in support of Damascus, said MZ.

She slammed pro-Western UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ravina Shamdasani for irresponsible misreporting on Syria, saying:

Her attempt “to hold the Syrian government responsible for the acts of terror committed by ISIS in the southeast of the country are unacceptable. They grossly pervert the real situation in Syria,” adding:

False accusations “by UN officials on the tragedies of the people that were affected by these acts of terror…discredit the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the office she heads.” 

“This is not the first” time world body and other officials distorted reality on the ground in Syria, supporting imperial aggression and proxy terrorist fighters, along with suppressing truth-telling about what’s going on. 

Russia is spearheading efforts to facilitate the return of Syrian refugees to their home areas. Washington, NATO, Israel and their rogue allies are doing nothing to help – devoting their efforts entirely to aiding ISIS and other anti-government terrorists.

According to MZ, returning refugees are mostly from Lebanon and Jordan, along with others internally displaced.

She called returning them home and facilitating Syria’s socio-economic recovery “an urgent priority international task.”

The Trump regime and its imperial allies have other ideas, wanting endless war of aggression continued, the human cost of no consequence.

Canada is allied with Washington’s imperial agenda, its wars of aggression, its support for White Helmets terrorists, masquerading as civil defense workers.

MZ said the group should have been called “White Masks” long ago. Pretending to be humanitarians, they solely aid anti-government terrorists, well-funded “foreign agents” of mass slaughter, destruction and human misery.

It’s “all pantomime,” said MZ. White Helmets are being rushed out of liberated Syrian areas for safe havens in Europe and Canada.

MZ: It’s “well known that Ottawa (and) other western capitals have long been providing this group (with) moral and direct financial support. Major sums, millions of dollars,” aiding US-supported cutthroat killers, wanting legitimate Syrian governance toppled.

“The White Helmets and the Canadian authorities are one in the same with respect to groundless accusations against the Syrian authorities as well as blaming Russia.” 

The Trudeau and Trump regimes, along with their rogue allies, are allied for endless wars of aggression, disdaining world peace and stability.

“Ottawa…embrac(es)” ISIS and likeminded terrorists, said MZ. “Canadian(s) (have) things to ponder” about how they’re ill-served by a regime allied with Washington’s rage for world dominance.

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