The Myth of a Russian Threat

The Myth of a Russian Threat

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The canard wore thin long ago. No Russian threat exists. 

A US-led NATO threat on its sovereignty very much exists – a longstanding regime change plot to replace its legitimate government with pro-Western puppet rule.

Trump regime DNI Dan Coats lied claiming a nonexistent Russian threat “is real. It is continuing, and we’re doing everything we can to have a legitimate election the American people can have trust in.”  

It’s unattainable as long as dark forces and Wall Street-led monied interests control the process, assuring dirty business as usual always wins.

Russia poses no threat to America – not to its political process, national security or anything else, not to any other countries. 

Claims otherwise are Big Lies – repeated endlessly, manipulating most people to believe what’s clearly untrue.

The only “malign influence” in Washington is internal. No foreign threats of any kind exist.

Last week, bipartisan neocon senators introduced legislation to impose tough new sanctions on Russia in the wake of Putin/Trump summit talks.

Undemocratic Dem Senator Robert Menendez is part of the Russophobic Washington cabal.

He lied claiming “(t)he Kremlin continues to attack our democracy, support a war criminal in Syria and violate Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

No US democracy exists to attack. Bashar al-Assad heads Syrian efforts to combat US aggression, now in its eighth year. Illegitimate US-installed, Nazi-infested putschists run Ukraine.

Menendez barely stopped short of urging war on Russia. He and other congressional Russophobes want sanctions imposed on Russian energy projects and newly issued sovereign debt.

They want US business dealings with Russia curtailed or prohibited. The want the Kremlin designated a state sponsor of terrorism. 

Most congressional members support endless wars of aggression, wanting planet earth colonized and exploited.

They want news and opinions diverging from the official narrative censored, notably online – the last frontier of media freedom, threatened by the power of the state and social media gatekeepers Facebook, Twitter, Google and others.

Ending net neutrality and removing online content are shots across the bow, threatening possible silencing of dissent ahead altogether if not strongly challenged and stopped.

Ruthless US imperialism is humanity’s greatest threat. It’s diabolical agenda threatens the rights, well-being, and lives of everyone worldwide.

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