Trump an Illegitimate President?

Trump an Illegitimate President?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

There’s plenty about Trump to criticize – serious issues unaddressed in the mainstream. 

WaPo resident neocon extremist Max Boot calling him illegitimate has no credibility.

He lied claiming his “election (was) tainted by fraud” – for defeating media darling Hillary. No evidence suggests anything improper elevated him to the nation’s highest office.

He lied saying Paul Manafort’s conviction on multiple charges of tax and bank fraud “vindicates…special counsel” Mueller’s probe – an illegitimate Russiagate witch-hunt with no legitimacy.

It never should have been authorized in the first place. It should be terminated straightaway. After nearly a year-and-a-half, it found no evidence of Russian US election meddling nor Trump team illegal or improper behavior with regard to the Kremlin – nor will it, clear proof it’s a colossal hoax, supported by media scoundrels.

Boot: Mueller “produced 35 indictments, six guilty pleas and one conviction” – nothing legitimate relating to Russian US election meddling, nothing proving Trump team’s illegal or improper collusion with the Kremlin.

Manafort’s conviction has nothing to do with Trump. It’s over his own alleged wrongdoing.

Cohen’s admission of guilt for paying hush money to Trump’s paramours at his direction doesn’t prove campaign finance wrongdoing, clearly unrelated to Russia. What’s unseemly doesn’t imply illegality.

According to former Federal Election Commission chairman Bradley Smith, “the law is murky about whether paying hush money to a mistress is a ‘campaign expense’ or a personal expense.”

Information supplied to prosecutors by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was all about turning on DJT to mitigate his sentence, saying what they wanted to hear for lesser punishment.

Boot claiming Trump is “an alleged co-conspirator in the commission of a federal crime” is belied by no accusations against him in charges against Cohen.

Nothing suggests paying hush money to two former paramours let him defeat Hillary. No evidence indicates Russia aided his triumph.

Boot calling him “an illegitimate president whose election is tainted by fraud” is a ball-faced lie.

NYT resident neocon extremist Bret Stephens  accused Trump of “high crimes and misdemeanors” based on Michael Cohen’s guilty plea – dubiously claiming “hush money to two women…violated campaign finance laws,” adding DJT “conspired with Cohen to commit criminal acts” to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

No evidence proves the above accusations. No legitimate tribunal would convict Trump on these charges.

Nothing in the campaign to delegitimize and remove him from office cites his indisputable high crimes – his endless wars of aggression, illegal JCPOA pullout, regime change plots against sovereign independent countries, and other major wrongdoing.

Wanting him brought down for illicit sex and paying off paramours to suppress information about it would be laughable if the dark forces against him weren’t determined to achieve regime change at home – while supporting it abroad illegally in numerous countries.

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