Hamas and Israel Agree to No-Ceasefire/Ceasefire?

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August 9, 2018
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Hamas and Israel Agree to No-Ceasefire/Ceasefire?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Previous Hamas/Israel ceasefire agreements failed. Last month, both sides agreed to end violence after Israeli terror-bombing killed four Gazans, injuring hundreds.

Israeli aggression didn’t end. IDF soldiers continue lethally shooting and injuring peaceful Palestinian demonstrators. 

Overnight Wednesday, Israeli terror-bombing struck scores of Gazan targets, killing three Palestinians.

On Thursday, Israeli warplanes turned Gaza’s five-story cultural center to rubble, injuring 18 people, falsely claiming the building was headquarters for Hamas’ internal security service.

Hamas spokesman Hazim Qassim condemned the attack, calling the building’s destruction a “barbaric act that belongs in the Dark Ages.”

Gaza’s Egyptian community head Adel Abd Al- Rahman said the cultural center “serve(d) thousands of Palestinian mothers, and was destroyed in a brutal and terrible way” – an act of gratuitous viciousness, typical of how Israel operates.

Under tightened suffocating blockade, Gaza virtually ran out of vital fuel after Israel banned deliveries on August 2.

Hospitals’ fuel for back-up generators is nearly exhausted. Raw sewage began flowing onto Gazan streets, garbage accumulating on streets as well.

On Thursday, did Hamas and the Netanyahu regime agree to another no-ceasefire/ceasefire?

A Hamas statement said a truce was reached “on the basis of mutual calm” – effective Thursday night at midnight. Israel denied a deal was reached, a senior Netanyahu regime official saying “quiet would be met with quiet.”

On Thursday, Netanyahu’s security cabinet reportedly ordered the IDF to “continue acting forcefully” against Gaza.

Ceasefire talks continue in Cairo, brokered by the pro-Western/pro-Israeli el-Sisi regime.

Reportedly, Hamas wants Israel’s unlawful blockade ended. It’ll provide information on missing IDF soldiers in return for release of its political prisoners.

It may be willing to cede control of Gazan security and border crossings to the Palestinian Authority if it ceases security cooperation with Israel against its own people.

It wants the legitimacy of its Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades security force recognized.

Israel rejects all of the above, offering Hamas nothing but empty promises certain to be broken.

Post-summer 2014 Operation Protective Edge ceasefire was pure illusion. Israeli terror-bombing and other attacks on Gaza didn’t end.

The Netanyahu regime maintains total control over the Strip, violence its main way of holding two million Gazans hostage to its ruthlessness. 

Suffocating blockade persists with no prospect for ending it. Chances for achieving a durable and equitable ceasefire agreement are virtually nil. 

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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