Israel Killing Record Number of Palestinian Children

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August 8, 2018
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August 9, 2018

Israel Killing Record Numbers of Palestinian Children

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

It’s no surprise. The Netanyahu and earlier Israeli regimes consider defenseless Palestinian civilians legitimate targets, including women, children, the elderly and infirm.

It’s how all rogue states operate, disdaining rule of law principles, doing whatever they please extrajudicially – Israel and America the world’s worst.

According to Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP), cold-blooded Israeli murders of Palestinian children exceed earlier years over the past decade other than when the Jewish state waged preemptive wars of aggression on Gaza.

According to DCIP accountability program director Ayed Abu Eqtaish, “Israeli forces have operated with near complete impunity for so long that unlawful killings and other flagrant violations of international law have become the norm,” adding:

Self-granted Netanyahu regime “(i)mpunity (and international community indifference toward Palestinian rights) combined with the rise in Israel’s use of live ammunition as a method of quelling demonstrators since 2014 means there is no legal mechanism that will halt this bloodshed.”

Palestinian civilians, including children, are murdered by Israeli forces regularly because they’re not Jewish, because they’re considered nonperson subhumans, because Washington protects Israel from accountability no matter how heinous its high crimes.

In 1991, Israel ratified the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). It didn’t matter. The Jewish state brazenly violates its provisions.

Article 37 states in part:

“No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

“No child shall be deprived of his or her liberty unlawfully or arbitrarily.”

“The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall be in conformity with the law and shall be used only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time.”

“Every child deprived of liberty shall be treated with humanity and respect for the inherent dignity of the human person, and in a manner which takes into account the needs of persons of his or her age.”

“Every child deprived of his or her liberty shall have the right to prompt access to legal and other appropriate assistance, as well as the right to challenge the legality of the deprivation of his or her liberty before a court or other competent, independent and impartial authority, and to a prompt decision on any such action.”

It goes without saying that no child or anyone else shall be deprived of their right to life, that killing extrajudicially is a Nuremberg-level high crime.

International law is clear. The Rome Statute prohibits crimes against humanity, including murder.

Fourth Geneva protects civilians in times of war, prohibiting violence in all forms against them.

Nuremberg Principles prohibit “crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

They include indiscriminate killing and other “inhumane acts committed against any civilian populations, before or during the war.”

Occupied Palestine is a war zone, including besieged Gaza. Yet Israel remains unaccountable for atrocities no just societies would tolerate.

Since January, Israeli forces murdered at least 35 defenseless Palestinian children threatening no one – more than double total juvenile killings last year.

Lethal shootings are only legal in self-defense, no other reasons acceptable.

Israel does what it pleases because nothing was ever done to hold its regimes accountable for high crimes throughout its sordid 70-year history.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman was born in 1934 in Boston, MA. In 1956, he received a BA from Harvard University. Two years of US Army service followed, then an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1960. After working seven years as a marketing research analyst, he joined the Lendman Group family business in 1967. He remained there until retiring at year end 1999. Writing on major world and national issues began in summer 2005. In early 2007, radio hosting followed. Lendman now hosts the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network three times weekly. Distinguished guests are featured. Listen live or archived. Major world and national issues are discussed. Lendman is a 2008 Project Censored winner and 2011 Mexican Journalists Club international journalism award recipient.