NYT Trump Bashing Continues – Again for the Wrong Reasons

NYT Trump Bashing Continues – Again for the Wrong Reasons

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The self-styled newspaper of record is an embarrassment to what journalism is supposed to be.

On virtually all geopolitical issues of importance, especially anything about Russia, along with Trump bashing for the wrong reasons, the Times consistently lies, distorts and deceives, suppressing hard truths vital to report.

A previous article said the Times is part of a diabolical anti-Trump cabal, its editors furious about his triumph over Hillary.

They’re allied with undemocratic Dems and other diabolical dark forces against him, wanting him delegitimized and ousted from office for the wrong reasons, a coup d’etat if achieved.

Publishing an anonymous hatchet job op-ed by an alleged administration insider disgraced the Times more than already – a stunt no responsible editors would permit. Material anonymously published has no credibility whatever.

On Friday, Times editors continued their anti-Trump tirade, demeaning his right to respond to an unacceptable anonymous back-stabbing assault.

They claimed his response “corroborated” the published material “by demonstrating precisely the sort of erratic, antidemocratic behavior that is driving administration officials to come forward with their concerns.”

Fact: Anonymous quotes have no credibility. Everyone has the right to criticize Trump and state other views on any issues publicly, not by doing it anonymously – a last refuge of a scoundrel along with patriotism and hatchet job pseudo-journalism, a Times specialty, as well as other media scoundrels.

Times editors accused Trump of “emotional fragility and poor impulse control, but also…failure to understand the nature of the office he holds, the government he leads and the democracy he has sworn to serve.”

Fact: US presidents and vast majority of congressional members serve privileged interests exclusively – what the Times knows but refuses to say.

Fact: No democracy exists to serve, just these interests alone at the expense of most people political Washington doesn’t give a damn about. Nor does the Times and other media scoundrels.

Fact: The US “Constitution…highest law of this land” is consistently breached by Republicans and undemocratic Dems – doing whatever they please, ignoring rule of law principles and democratic values they disdain with impunity because who’ll hold them accountable, for sure not the fourth estate except alternative independent members.

The Times is a “First Amendment…protecting political expression” enemy – suppressing whatever conflicts with the official narrative on major domestic and geopolitical issues in its misreporting.

Little if anything about Trump is redeemable. He’s fair game for justifiable criticism, what the Times and other media scoundrels fail to do, bashing him largely for the wrong reasons, not the right ones – ignoring his involvement in US naked aggression, neoliberal harshness, corporate favoritism, and police state ruthlessness against nonbelievers.

It’s hard imagining how anyone could endure the daily assault aimed at DLT without it taking a physical and emotional toll.

The Times’ follow-up hit piece was likely right about one thing, saying “it’s only going to get worse.”

Dark forces the Times, other media scoundrels, undemocratic Dems, and some Republicans support are going all-out to oust Trump from office. 

They may succeed at the expense of remaining freedoms in America – martial law perhaps replacing them, most people convinced to go along for greater security, not realizing they’ll lose both.

Tyranny in the country is escalating in plain sight. It’s just a matter of time before becoming full-blown, most people none the wiser how gravely they’re threatened.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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