Watergate Redux

Watergate Redux

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Long knives wielded by dark forces cooked up Watergate to remove Richard Nixon from office on trumped up charges.

It was all about his social, environmental and geopolitical agenda – world’s apart from how Republicans and undemocratic Dems operate today. 

He opened China, recognized Taiwan as part of its territory, and wanted war in Vietnam ended he shamefully escalated ahead of the US April 30, 1975 Saigon embassy rooftop exit, ending America’s longest war in modern times until Afghanistan.

Nixon threatened entrenched military/industrial/security and other interests, why he was marked for removal.

It was a shameful chapter in US history, but he left office alive, overcame health issues and turmoil during his dark final days in office, was an acknowledged foreign policy expert, traveled the world, wrote several books, and was respected as an elder statesman.

When he died in April 1994, world figures paid their respects, including every living present and past US president.

Jack Kennedy wasn’t as fortunate. He was assassinated for wanting US forces out of Vietnam before December 1965, urging rapprochement with Soviet Russia and nuclear disarmament, along with wanting the CIA “splinter(ed) into a thousand pieces and scatter(ed) to the winds.” 

He opposed Israeli nuclear weapons and supported Palestinian rights. He was eliminated for being on the right side of important issues dark US forces don’t tolerate.

What goes around comes around. Long knives in Washington are active again, overwhelmingly supported by undemocratic Dems, notably Hillary loyalists, some Republicans, and media scoundrels, wanting Trump removed from office for the wrong reasons.

He’s no Richard Nixon or Jack Kennedy, little about him praiseworthy. He’s not targeted for endless wars of aggression, corporate favoritism, tax cuts for the rich, waging war on social justice, one-sided support for Israel, nor extreme hostility toward Iran.

America’s deep state opposes his wanting improved relations with Russia and North Korea, perhaps in his heart of hearts wanting US wars ended, not escalated. He’s a businessman/television personality turned politician, in his earlier capacity focused on making money, not destroying things.

Like Kennedy wanting out of Vietnam and Nixon ending years of Southeast Asia war among other issues, Trump is targeted for policies US dark forces oppose.

He’s no peacenik, still belligerent in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Ukraine. His domestic and geopolitical agendas are shameful, serving Wall Street, war profiteers, other corporate favorites, and Israel at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.

Heavy artillery was mobilized against him, including much of Washington’s political establishment, maybe some administration insiders, the NYT and other major media, disreputable Watergate reporter Bob Woodward in his new hatchet job book, and Obama beginning with his Friday speech, leveling his own broadside on Trump.

Ignoring his own destructive two-term tenure, his wars of aggression, neoliberal harshness, and other deplorable domestic and geopolitical policies, he shamefully joined the assault to remove Trump from office, unprecedented by a former president against a sitting one, calling DJT a “threat of our democracy” – existing in name only.

There’s plenty to hold Trump accountable for, major issues unmentioned by his attackers.

The worst perhaps is yet to come. A diabolical anti-Trump cabal may succeed in removing him from office the way Watergate took down Nixon or how Kennedy’s tenure ended.

The earlier shameful episodes in US history are repeating, most Americans none the wiser about what’s going on – the stuff banana republics are made of, corrupt, rotten to the core gangsterism running things, replacing one leader, likely with someone worse.

America already is unsafe and unfit to live in. Taking out Trump will drive another stake into the heart of the republic, tyranny replacing it.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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