What’s Going On in Iraq?

What’s Going On in Iraq?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US war in Iraq since the Carter administration never ended. It continues after the 2016-17 rape and destruction of Mosul on the phony pretext of liberating the city and elsewhere in the country from ISIS Washington created and supports.

Its depleted ranks are replenished with new recruits where and when the US wants them used – in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere.

According to RT, ISIS fighters in Iraq are still involved in killings and kidnappings. They’re not eliminated in the country as falsely reported.

In July, Nidaa Syan Najem, her husband and son were attacked by masked gunmen in the Baghdad countryside, the men lethally shot, assailants identifying themselves as “the Islamic State in Iraq” – US proxies, serving its imperial interests.

Numerous other similar incidents occurred. Iraqi military officials falsely claim ISIS was defeated in the country.

Weeks earlier, US war secretary James Mattis claimed ISIS retains about 1% of its formerly held Iraqi and Syrian territory. The Pentagon said at least 17,000 ISIS fighters still operate in Iraq.

A July UN report said “(d)espite the damage to bureaucratic structures of the so-called caliphate, the collective discipline of IS is intact and so are its general security and finance bureaus.”

US forces are in Iraq and Syria are to stay, permanent occupation planned. Mattis earlier said Washington will remain “decisively engaged in Iraq and the region” indefinitely.

Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford agreed, saying US troops will remain in the region “for years to come.”

The Pentagon seeks an expanded military presence in Iraq on the phony pretext of combating ISIS and providing security for the puppet Haider al-Abadi regime.

According to Iraqi envoy to Russia Haidar Mansour Hadi, Baghdad opposes permanent US military bases in the country. US forces “provide only consultancy. Deployment of military bases is out of the question,” adding:

“I don’t think we will agree to have permanent presence of US bases. The Iraqi government has repeatedly said there are no US bases in the country.” 

“We insist that Iraq’s sovereignty is our number one priority. That is why it is up to the government to decide about any presence of bases.”

After the Obama regime withdrew US forces in December 2011, they returned in August 2014 on the phony pretext of combating ISIS.

Last February, Abadi dubiously said Baghdad adopted a plan to reduce the presence of US and other foreign forces in the country.

Thousands remain, including in areas bordering Syria. Despite parliamentarians demanding to know when they’ll be withdrawn, Abadi officials haven’t responded.

On September 7, masked protesters in Basra ransacked government buildings, setting some ablaze, including Iran’s consulate – condemning corruption, lack of basic services, and collapse of vital infrastructure.

Iraq’s Asaib Ahl al-Haq group secretary general Sheikh Qais al-Khazali blamed Washington for what’s going on, calling it a plot to destabilize the country.

According to Iraq’s health ministry, 12 people were killed, 50 or more others injured during five days of orchestrated protests so far.

Violence also occurred in Umm Qasr, Iraq’s largest port city and Baghdad. Explosions reportedly from mortar shells rocked the capital’s international Green Zone.

Did ISIS terrorists instigate the violence and vandalism? Are Washington’s dirty hands behind what’s going on?

Is it part of the Trump regime’s aim to maintain and expand a permanent military presence in the country, wanting Iranian and Russian influence countered in the oil-rich country?

Is Iraqi violence a diversionary tactic to counter the impending Idlib, Syria offensive to liberate the province?

Protests don’t usually occur spontaneously. Most often they’re planned and orchestrated, especially when violent.

Endless conflict and turmoil serve Washington’s imperial agenda. Peace and stability defeat it.

Iraqis, Syrians, and countless others suffer horrifically with no relief in prospect, victims of US imperial viciousness.

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