Trump Regime Undermining World Order Says Russia

Trump Regime Undermining World Order Says Russia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to an ancient proverb: “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Might justifying right in Washington risks doomsday.

Syria is ground zero, the world’s leading hot spot. Flashpoint conditions in the country risk the unthinkable – direct US/Russia confrontation, the stuff global wars are made of, potential armageddon in the nuclear age. 

The geopolitical aims of both governments are world’s apart, Irreconcilable differences separate them with no prospect for positive change, every chance for making things far worse than already.

Trump regime hardliners are the most ruthless, reckless and dangerous in modern times, willing to risk the apocalypse to achieve their aims – madness by any standard.

The likes of Pompeo, Bolton, Haley, and likeminded regime extremists risk global war – Trump a geopolitical know-nothing frontman for the darkest of US dark forces, exceeding the worst of their predecessors.

They recklessly threatened aggression on Syrian forces if they try liberating Idlib province from US-supported terrorists – their own sovereign territory, international law on their side.

Warmongering extremist Nikki Haley disgracefully accused Russia, Syria, and Iran of war crimes committed by the Trump regime, its imperial partners, and terrorists they support. 

She threatened these countries with “dire consequences…Don’t test us,” she raged. 

Trump regime hardliners won’t tolerate an offensive by Syrian forces and Russian airpower to liberate Idlib, risking harm to civilians in the province the US and its imperial allies don’t give a damn about – nor in any war theater, massacring them indiscriminately.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov slammed Trump regime threats to attack Syrian forces in Idlib, calling what’s going on unacceptable “threats and blackmail,” adding:

A CW incident in the province or anywhere else in Syria (committed by US-supported terrorists) will automatically and unjustly be blamed on Damascus. 

“Then a massive strike will follow, and its scale will surpass the one the US carried out with its allies in the past,” Ryabkov explained.

Russia is on the right side of the Syrian conflict, respecting the country’s sovereign independence. Washington illegally and ruthlessly wants pro-Western puppet rule replacing it.

“We cannot let Idlib remain a terrorist stronghold,” Ryabkov stressed.

Separately on Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused the Trump regime of “test(ing) a new mechanism of maintaining their own world supremacy,” adding:

Its hardliners and imperial partners “aim to demonstrate force and determination to press for military solutions of problems emerging in this or that part of the world.”

They’re “undermin(ing) the existing world order,” flagrantly violating “the UN Charter” and other international law.

Their “approach (is) putting the world on the brink of an abyss…(It poses) a dangerous challenge…for Syria” and elsewhere.

Her call for “pooling efforts by all reasonably minded members of the international community” fell on deaf ears.

Admittedly a high-risk strategy, it’s vital for Russia and its allies to challenge US imperial rage in Syria. A world safe and fit to live in depends on it.

A Final Comment

US forces illegally occupying southwestern Syrian territory conducted military exercises in the area with cutthroat killer terrorists they armed, trained and support.

Last month, Russia’s Defense Ministry accused the Trump regime of giving ISIS terrorists safe haven at the Pentagon’s al-Tanf base and surrounding area in southwest Syria.

US forces illegal occupy a 34-square mile zone around al-Tanf, using it to train anti-Assad terrorists – pretending to combat the scourge of ISIS the Trump regime supports.

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