Aftermath of Saturday’s Terrorist Attack in Iran

Aftermath of Saturday’s Terrorist Attack in Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

A same day article explained what happened, the deadly terrorist attack responsible for scores of casualties, mostly civilians harmed.

Incidents like what happened are carefully planned, sponsoring nations behind them. Were the Trump regime and Israel responsible for Saturday’s slaughter?

Were the Saudis and UAE involved? Were European countries complicit for harboring and training cutthroat killer jihadists?

Western media suppress what’s most important to report and explain accurately. They failed to call Saturday’s incident in Ahvaz, Iran terrorism.

The NYT headlined “Attack on Military Parade in Iran Kills at Least 25” – failing to call the incident terrorism, instead saying “(s)ome officials blamed Arab separatists for the assault…”

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post headlined “Gunmen kill at least 2 dozen in attack on military parade in Iran,” failing to call the incident terrorism.

The Wall Street Journal headlined “Separatists Launch Deadly Attack on Iranian Military Parade” – calling the attackers “gunmen.”

The UK-owned, controlled, and operated BBC headlined “Iran military parade attacked by gunmen in Ahvaz” – failing to call the incident terrorism.

Reuters headlined “Gunmen kill 24, including 12 Revolutionary Guards…”

AP News headlined “Gunmen attack Iran military parade in Ahvaz.”

The Qatari dictatorship-owned, controlled and operated Al Jazeera headlined “Iran’s Revolutionary Guards targeted in Ahvaz military parade.”

The attack mostly targeted defenseless civilians indiscriminately, Al Jazeera failed to explain, only saying “women and children” were affected, along with a journalist.

A separate Al Jazeera report said Iran blames Washington and its Gulf allies for the incident.

Haaretz headlined “Iran Blames Israel, US for Military Parade Shooting that Killed 29,” citing AP and Reuters reports.

The Times of Israel headlined “Gunmen attack Iranian military parade, killing 8 soldiers and wounding 20.”

Other major media reports were similar, failing to accurately explain what happened.

Nation-state sponsorship of cold-blooded mass murder is terrorism – militants involved cutthroat killer jihadists.

Western and most regional media are militantly hostile to Iran, failing to denounce Saturday’s terrorist attack or lay blame where it likely belongs.

Iran’s Press TV denounced Western and Saudi media for refraining to call Saturday’s “a terrorist act despite the large number of civilian casualties in the incident.”

Thousands of Iranians have been killed by state-sponsored terrorist attacks throughout much of the Islamic Republic’s history – Western media largely silent about them, reporting inaccurately when there’s coverage.

In response to what happened, Iran summoned envoys from the Netherlands and Denmark, along with Britain’s charge d’affairs – protesting their harboring (and likely training) jihadists in their countries.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi denounced the sheltering of cutthroat killer takfiris in Europe, adding EU countries don’t designate them terrorists.

Ghasemi demanded they be detained and extradited to Iran for accountability, adding:

“It was reiterated to the ambassadors of the Netherlands and Denmark that the Islamic Republic of Iran had earlier warned about the residence of these individuals in these countries and has called for their arrest and prosecution.”

Ghasemi strongly protested to Britain’s charge d’affairs over an unnamed UK TV channel (likely the BBC) interviewing the anti-Iranian Al-Ahwaz terrorist group’s spokesman. He condoned Saturday’s mass slaughter.

The Islamic Republic declared Monday a day of national mourning. A funeral ceremony for the victims will be held during the day to honor them.

Islamic Republic Guard Corp (IRGC) spokesman General Abolfazl Shekarchi blamed the Trump and Netanyahu regimes for Saturday’s despicable terrorist attack.

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