Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, the Skripal Incident and Venezuela

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, the Skripal Incident and Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) addressed Israel’s responsibility for downing an IL-20 reconnaissance aircraft days earlier and death of its 15 crew members.

More information on the incident will be forthcoming from Russia’s Defense Ministry in the days ahead, she explained – answering questions about what happened, especially “the involvement of Israeli military pilots in the accident,” adding:

A more detailed Israeli explanation is demanded about what happened beyond its inadequate claims to Russian officials in Moscow – amounting to coverup and denial. 

The Kremlin is conducting its own thorough investigation to get to the bottom of the incident satisfactorily. There’s no ambiguity about the Netanyahu regime’s responsibility.

“The situation in Syria is a mix of positive and negative factors,” said MZ. Local elections were held for the first time in years, “a good sign of Syria (beginning the process of) transitioning back to peaceful life and the rebuilding phase.”

The Trump regime’s rage for regime change remains the greatest obstacle to Syria’s liberation.

Putin cutting a deal with the devil was a significant step in the wrong direction, letting Turkish despot Erdogan co-opt him, delaying or maybe cancelling liberation of terrorist infested Idlib province.

It’s essential, along with removing foreign troops occupying northeast and southwest parts of the country, for sovereign Syria and its people to be free from imperial war, raging endlessly because Washington rejects resolving it peacefully.

While thousands of internally and externally displaced refugees are returning home to begin the arduous task of rebuilding their shattered lives, millions of others continue struggling to survive under deplorable conditions.

Reconstruction is underway to rebuild liberated areas devastated by US orchestrated and led naked aggression. 

It’ll take many years and billions of dollars to restore Syria to its pre-war state when conflict finally ends – achieving it unattainable as long as Washington, its imperial allies, and terrorist foot soldiers want it continued endlessly.

Russia is negotiating with the Trump regime to free tens of thousands of refugees held captive by Pentagon forces under deplorable conditions in the southwestern Syrian Rubkan refugee camp.

MZ put a brave face on Putin agreeing with Erdogan on establishing an illusory demilitarized zone in terrorist-infested Idlib.

Saying it’ll “save civilian lives” is way too optimistic. Delaying what’s essential showed weakness, not strength.

Nor will it prevent a CW false flag in the province to be wrongfully blamed on Assad whenever the Trump regime orders it launched.

MZ like Putin, Lavrov, other Russian officials want good terrorists separated from bad ones, failing to acknowledge that all anti-government forces in Syria are cutthroat killer jihadists, serving imperial interests.

No moderate ones exist. Al-Nusra and likeminded terrorist groups rejected the Idlib agreement. They’re unwilling to surrender their heavy weapons and leave.

Failing to liberate Idlib lets a US-supported terrorist platform continue to attack government forces and civilians in the area, prolonging war instead of trying to end it.

MZ admitted that Washington and its imperial partners “impede the process of” conflict resolution.

Terrorists they support in Idlib and elsewhere are “(e)ncouraged (to) continue their attacks” endlessly – 554 ceasefire violations in August alone, another 350 through mid-September, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry – “indicat(ing) that the terrorists are stepping up their efforts,” said MZ.

Russia remains willing “to cooperate with British investigators in establishing the real reasons behind the incidents in Salisbury and Amesbury,” she explained.

The May regime in cahoots with Washington wants none of it, providing Moscow with no information on the false flag incident they staged, wrongfully blamed on the Kremlin.

Questions Russian officials asked were never answered, truth-telling suppressed, the Kremlin falsely accused about what it had nothing to do with, more illegal sanctions likely coming.

MZ: “We resolutely reject any British insinuation on the Skripal case. From the very start, Russia has been open to cooperation with London on investigating the Salisbury incident and not because Britain started accusing Russia in abusive terms but because Russian citizens are involved in it.”

“For over six months,” Sergey and Yulia “have been unlawfully detained…force(fully) held” incommunicado by the May regime.

Western media and other reports suggest “a possible foreign invasion of Venezuela, citing US and Organization of American States representatives,” said MZ.

Trump regime OAS envoy Carlos Trujillo “initiat(ed) discussion on this issue in the media…aim(ing) to inspire…Latin American” leaders to endorse belligerent intervention, supporting longstanding US regime change efforts.

OAS secretary general Luis Almagro disgracefully endorsed “military intervention” to topple Maduro forcefully.

At a 2014 Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) summit in Havana, a regional “peace zone” was declared.

“Unity and the integration of our region must be gradually constructed, with flexibility, with respect to differences, diversity, and the sovereign right of each of our countries to choose our own forms of political and economic organization,” an agreed on document stated.

Treaties, conventions, and other agreements adopted by Washington are consistently breached, why US regimes can never be trusted.

Its opposition to legitimate governance in Venezuela and other independent states has nothing to do with supporting the rights and welfare of their people – everything to do with wanting new imperial trophies gained.

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