Russia Accuses Israel of Deception and Criminal Negligence

Israel Foolishly Denies Responsibility for Downing Russian Aircraft
September 24, 2018
Trustworthiness Not a US or Israeli Attribute
September 24, 2018

Russia Accuses Israel of Deception and Criminal Negligence

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

The Netanyahu regime bears full responsibility for downing Russia’s IL-20 reconnaissance aircraft in Syria, killing its 15 crew members.

IDF pilots willfully used the aircraft as cover while terror-bombing Syrian targets – naked aggression like many times before.

Netanyahu authorized state-sponsored terrorism in Syria. Claiming it’s because of an Iranian threat to protect national security is a bald-faced lie.

During a Sunday press conference on the September 17 incident, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov minced no words in making harsh comments, debunking Israel’s fabricated explanation about what happened, disgracefully blaming Syria for its high crime.

Russia’s minute-by-minute account of the IL-20’s downing was “based on objective radar readings,” he said. Israel failed trying to ignore them.

The IDF willfully deceived Russia, providing its military with misleading and falsified information, preventing the IL-20’s pilot from shifting out of harm’s way to a safe zone.

Konashenkov: “During the negotiations via the deconfliction channel, the representative of the Israeli Air Force Command reported that the targets assigned to the Israeli aircraft are located in Northern Syria.”

“As you can see on the map, the Israeli jets delivered strikes in Latakia which is a western province of the country…not in the north of the Syrian Arab Republic.” 

“The city of Latakia is located on the western coast. The misleading information provided by the Israeli officer about the area of strikes did not allow the Russian Il-20 airplane to move timely to a safe area.”

Israel lied claiming it notified Russia of its targets well in advance. Nor did it admit its attacks on the Syrian Arab Republic are flagrant naked aggression, the highest of all high crimes.

Konashenkov: “Israel did not inform the Russian force about its operation in advance. (It) issued a warning simultaneously with the beginning of the strikes, which constitutes a breach of the agreements.” 

“These actions constitute a clear violation of the 2015 Russian-Israeli agreements, which are aimed at preventing clashes between our armed forces, in and over Syria, that were reached by the joint working group.”

Israeli pilots were repeatedly responsible for creating dangerous situations for Russian forces in Syria.

Konashenkov said the Netanyahu regime was warned numerous times before, ignoring the warnings, not heeding them.

The Kremlin has audio recordings, proving Israel’s air force warned Russia when it was too late to prevent the IL-20’s downing.

The entire Israeli account about what happened was fabricated, including the claim about IDF warplanes back in Israeli airspace when the incident happened.

They left Syrian airspace 10 minutes after learning the Russian plane was downed, Konashenkov explained, stressing:

“(T)he blame for the tragedy with the Russian Ilyushin Il-20 aircraft lies entirely with the Israeli air forces and those who made the decision to carry out such actions.”

IDF warplanes “created a direct threat to any passenger or transport aircraft that could have been there at that time and could have become victims of the adventurism of the Israeli military.”

Falsely blaming Syria for the incident compounded the Netanyahu regime’s criminality for what happened, an ill-conceived stunt that backfired.

“This is an extremely ungrateful response to all that Russia has done for Israel and the Israeli people recently,” said Konashenkov, adding:

“The Israeli military command either does not value the current level of relations with Russia or does not control certain military units.”

Israeli warplane pilots knew their maneuvering put the IL-20 in harm’s way, making it a preferred target for Syrian air defenses because of its far larger radar cross-section.

Russia never violated its agreements with Israel, sending hundreds of notifications about its aerial operations near its border. The IDF notified Russia’s Defense Ministry only 25 times – “shortly before airstrikes” with little time to protect its aircraft and ground personnel.

A Final Comment

In response to Russia’s harsh criticism, the IDF again denied responsibility for its criminality, rejecting cold, hard facts Konashenkov presented.

Falsely blaming Syria for the incident once again, it claimed its own fabricated version of what happened are “full, accurate and factual details…”

Russia’s Defense Ministry isn’t fooled, fully aware of Israel’s culpability.

The fallout will likely be stepped up Russian protection of its ground and aerial forces, along with perhaps enhancing Syrian air defenses.

Israel may have less freedom to operate in Syrian airspace unimpeded.

Washington, Israel, and their imperial allies want endless war and regime change. Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah want the scourge of terrorism in the Syrian Arab Republic defeated.

Was the downing of the IL-20 a stunt to put conflict resolution more out of reach than already? Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu angrily said the incident won’t go unanswered.

Hopefully greater Russian resolve will follow, challenging Washington, Israel, and their imperial allies more vigorously – short of escalating war into something more serious than already.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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