Trustworthiness Not a US or Israeli Attribute

Russia Accuses Israel of Deception and Criminal Negligence
September 24, 2018
The NYT Calls US-Led Aggression in Syria Civil War
September 25, 2018

Trustworthiness Not a US or Israeli Attribute 

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

America and Israel can never be trusted. Countless examples prove it – notably US hostility toward Russia, risking direct confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

Israel flagrantly breached its 2015 agreements with Moscow, aimed at preventing clashes between their aerial operations in Syria.

Russia’s are legal at the behest of Damascus, involved in combating the scourge of US-supported terrorism.

Israel, Washington and their imperial allies operate in Syria illegally, supporting ISIS and other terrorists, aiming to topple Bashar al-Assad, naked aggression their strategy.

The Netanyahu regime’s responsibility for the Russian IL-20 downing incident showed Israel is either more foe than friend of Russia or unacceptably taking advantage of Vladimir Putin. 

Allies don’t put aerial operations of partnered countries in harm’s way, permitting a downing incident like what happened on September 17, the lives of 15 IL-20 crew members lost.

It was criminal negligence, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry, not “a chain of tragic accidental circumstances,” how Putin described it, trying to put a brave face on Israeli deception and betrayal.

The fog of war indeed causes friendly fire mistakes. That’s not what happened on September 17.

Based on radar readings, Russia’s Defense Ministry tracked precisely what happened, proving Israeli responsibility. When caught red-handed, the IDF willfully tried deceiving Russia, a foolish tactic, a failed one.

A breach of trust now exists between both countries. How it will affect future relations remains to be seen.

Despite countless US acts of hostility toward Moscow, Putin persists in wanting improved bilateral relations. 

They’re unattainable because bipartisan hardliners in Washington want adversarial ones maintained – Russia the key nation standing in the way of unchallenged US global dominance, especially allied with China.

A so-called special relationship defined Washington’s alliance with Israel from inception. Harry Truman was the first world leader to recognize the Jewish state – moments after it was declared on May 14, 1948.

Even the June 8, 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, killing 34 crew members, another 171 wounded, the vessel severely damaged and nearly sunk, didn’t shake the unshakable relationship.

Russia treats Washington the same way, no matter how grievously it’s abused – notably since the February 2014 Obama regime coup in Ukraine.

Moscow was falsely accused of “aggression” in the country straightaway – for supporting the right of Donbass to live free from fascist tyranny, and accepting the overwhelming sentiment of Crimeans to rejoin Russia, going along with wanting a historic mistake corrected.

Israel’s responsibility for downing Russia’s IL-20 aircraft will test their bilateral relationship. No matter how hard the Netanyahu regime tries shifting blame to Syria, reality won’t change.

Based on how Russia reacts to US hostility, what happened on September 17 won’t likely affect bilateral relations with Israel adversely.

Expect Russia’s Defense Ministry to strengthen protection of its ground and aerial forces in Syria, hopefully aiding Damascus to do the same.

Will aggressive Israeli aerial operations be impeded? The jury remains out on this important issue.

The Netanyahu regime will surely test Russia’s resolve. If past is prologue, it may get away with it.

A Final Comment

According to RT and Sputnik News, Russia will supply Syria with S-300 air defense systems within two weeks in response to the IL-20 downing incident – what was bought and paid for earlier but not delivered.

They’re able to intercept “air threats at a range of more than 250 kilometers,” capable of “hitting several aerial targets” simultaneously, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu explained.

During a 2013 meeting with Putin in Moscow, Netanyahu suggested he’d destroy S-300s in Syria if installed and become operational – a threat he may not follow through on given what happened last week, especially if Russian and Syrian personnel jointly operate them.

Moscow will also supply Damascus with better control systems, integrating their military assets, enabling Syrian forces to identify Russian aircraft to avoid another IL-20 incident, steps that should have been taken much earlier.

Russia’s Defense Ministry will install electronic countermeasures along Syria’s coastline. According to Shoigu, they’ll jam “satellite navigation, onboard radar systems and communications of warplanes attacking targets on Syrian territory.”

Steps Russia is taking aim to “cool down ‘hotheads’ and prevent misjudged actions posing a risk to our service members,” Shoigu added, perhaps referring to US-led aerial operations as well as Israeli ones.

If steps Russia is taking aren’t enough, “we will have to respond in line with the current situation,” Shoigu stressed. 

They’re a significant development in the conflict, now in its 8th year. At best, they may only be able to diminish the effectiveness of aggressive aerial attacks on Syria, not stop them. 

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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