Trump Regime Escalates Sanctions War

Trump Regime Escalates Sanctions War

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Illegally imposed US sanctions on targeted nations, groups and individuals constitute war by other means, sovereign independent Iran a prime target.

The Trump regime wants the country politically and economically isolated, part of its regime change strategy along with Israel – either by color revolution or naked aggression.

Last May, pre-JCPOA nuclear-related sanctions were reimposed  straightaway after Trump’s unlawful pullout, flagrantly breaching an international treaty, a US specialty.

On August 4, US sanctions were imposed on Iran’s automative sector, trade in gold, other key metals, industrial software, and coal.

Stiffer US sanctions will be reimposed on November 6 – targeting Tehran’s energy sector, petroleum related products, and Central Bank of Iran transactions.

The Trump regime aims to isolate Iran politically and economically, notably by blocking its oil sales, access to hard currencies and foreign investments, along with more harsh sanctions and overall financial hardships on the country.

Nations and companies doing business with Iran face possible US sanctions.

On Tuesday, Trump’s Treasury Department imposed sanctions on four Iranian banks, five financial institutions, and various industrial companies.

Bank Mellat, Mehr Eqtesad Bank, Mehr Eghtesad Iranian Investment Company, and five other investment firms were targeted.

Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company, Esfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Company, along with other industrial, commodities and engineering firms, 20 in total illegally sanctioned.

On Tuesday, NBC News said the Trump regime intends trying to force Iran out of Syria and punish Russia for supporting its government, saying:

“It would withhold reconstruction aid (for) areas where Iranian and Russian forces are present. (It’ll) impose sanctions on Russian and Iranian companies working on reconstruction in Syria.”

The Trump regime will strike Iranian military (advisors) in the country if its forces illegally occupying Syrian territory are threatened – indicating they’ll likely be targeted (along with government troops) following the next US/UK staged false flag CW incident wrongfully blamed on Assad.

US military personnel are threatened nowhere. They operate illegally in Syria and all other conflict theaters. 

The Trump regime has no intention of providing reconstruction, humanitarian, or other aid to Syria – other than to jihadists it supports.

Russia and Iran will be involved in post-conflict reconstruction in Syria. So will China.

In July, officials from over 1,000 Chinese redevelopment, infrastructure and investment firms met with Syrian officials in Damascus.

At the time, Syrian Ambassador to China Imad Mustafa said Beijing involvement in post-war rebuilding will be prioritized – the US and other Western countries to be shut out.

Russia, Iran, and China support Syria’s liberating struggle. They’ll be key post-war economic partners.

If Russian supplied S-300 air defense systems supplied to Syria’s military down US, other NATO, or Israeli warplanes, Trump regime hardliners could use the incident(s) to escalate forever war in the country.

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