US-Led NATO Rehearses War on Russia

US-Led NATO Rehearses War on Russia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Republicans and undemocratic Dems consider Russia America’s main adversary – despite no threat posed by the country.

Longstanding plans call for regime change, the same true for all other sovereign independent countries, including China and Iran.

Washington’s strategy is endless wars of aggression. Bush/Cheney’s December 2001 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), asserted the preemptive right to unilaterally declare and wage future wars with first strike nuclear weapons, including against non-nuclear states.

Obama’s 2010 and 2015 National Security Strategies pledged US first-strike use of nuclear weapons against any adversary, nuclear armed or not.

Trump’s National Defense Strategy is much the same – all about offense, waging endless wars of aggression, targeting all sovereign independent countries for regime change, wanting US control over planet earth, its resources, populations, and outer space.

No US enemies existed since WW II ended, only invented ones, endless wars waged against them, serving the military/industrial/security state, including Wall Street.

Global war OF terror, not on it, is part of America’s strategy, a diabolical agenda, risking the end of life on earth if pushed too far.

US-led NATO’s Trident Juncture 18 war games are scheduled from October 25 to November 23 – a provocative month-long rehearsal of war on Russia near its border.

Held in Norway, it’s the largest exercise of its kind since 2002, according to NATO, more likely since Soviet Russia dissolved at yearend 1991 – involving around 30 nations, about 50,000 troops, along with land, sea, and air heavy weapons, short of nuclear ones.

Norway and Russia share a common border in the north of both countries near the Barents Sea, close to the Arctic Ocean and Arctic Circle. The exercise is being held in central and eastern Norway, some distance away from this area, but close enough to be hugely provocative.

Trident Juncture has nothing to do with military preparedness against an attack on one or more NATO countries, everything to do with rehearsing preemptive war, Russia the unnamed enemy, Pentagon commanders directing the exercise.

It’ll simulate reacting to an attack on one or more NATO member states by a “fictional aggressor,” clearly meaning Russia without naming the country.

The exercise is likely also about US-led NATO vying with Russia for control of the strategically important Arctic, believed to hold up to one-fifth or more of undiscovered oil and gas reserves – new millennium wars waged to control energy and mineral resources globally.

Previously inaccessible or unprofitable areas are targeted – including deep ocean sites, remote African regions, northern Siberia and Arctic locations.

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS):

“The Arctic is an area of high petroleum resource potential, low data density, high geologic uncertainty and sensitive environmental conditions.” 

“A large portion of the remaining global endowment of oil and gas resources has long been thought to exist in the high northern latitudes of Russia, Norway, Greenland, United States, and Canada.”

Their “quality, quantity, and distribution” remain “poorly understood.” Whatever their true amount, it constitutes enormous riches, enough for the US to wage war over to control.

In recent years, US-led NATO provocatively increased its military presence near Russia’s borders, numerous high-profile drills held, including in Baltic states and Poland, simulating war on Russia.

Countless hundreds of US military bases exist globally, likely more than the total of all other nations combined – most Pentagon bases located outside America’s borders, many in Western and Eastern Europe.

Numerous US military bases encircle Russia and China. America’s permanent war agenda risks going nuclear one day by accident or design to achieve its objectives.

It’s the ultimate doomsday scenario if things go this far. America’s rage to dominate may kill us all.

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