Turkish Evidence Indicates Khashoggi Was Strangled, His Body Dismembered

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October 31, 2018
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Turkish Evidence Indicates Khashoggi Was Strangled, His Body Dismembered

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Turkish evidence, likely from audio and/or video recordings, indicates Jamal Khashoggi was strangled to death immediately after entering the Saudi’s Istanbul consulate – his body dismembered for disposal.

Whether it’s buried in an undisclosed Turkish location or returned to the kingdom is yet to be determined.

Clearly he was brutally murdered to silence him, very likely because he had damning information about lawless Riyadh practices, possibly its use of chemical and/or other banned weapons in Yemen and Syria.

On Wednesday, Istanbul’s chief prosecutor said talks with his Saudi counterpart “ended with no concrete results,” the kingdom refusing to provide answers Turkey sought – including who ordered Khashoggi’s assassination, names of everyone involved in the murder,(including an alleged “local collaborator”), and location of his remains.

Turkish journalist Abdulkadir Selvi  earlier said a Saudi “hit squad” dispatched to Istanbul “strangled” Khashoggi to death straightaway after entering Riyadh’s consulate. 

A kingdom forensics expert dismembered his body into multiple pieces for disposal. His abduction, torture, murder,  dismemberment, and disposal of his body was part of a premeditated plan.

Turkish officials expressed “deep distrust” toward Riyadh’s chief public prosecutor. He repeatedly refused to answer key questions, part of a kingdom ordered coverup, wanting crown prince Mohammad bin Salman shielded from responsibility – despite evidence indicating he ordered Khashoggi’s murder..

On Wednesday, an unnamed senior Turkish official said the Saudis were unwilling to “genuinely” cooperate with Ankara.

Washington, Britain, France, other EU countries, Russia, China, and countless other nations intend no change in dirty business as usual with the kingdom.

Nor will anything be done to challenge Saudi involvement in Yemen, Syria, and other regional wars – nor its support for ISIS and other jihadist groups.

Khashoggi’s murder was one of countless other kingdom high crimes committed domestically and abroad – nothing ahead likely to change.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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