Fox News Pseudo-Journalist Trump’s Top Choice for UN Envoy

Fox News Pseudo-Journalist Trump’s Top Choice for UN Envoy

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Lack of geopolitical know-how rules out no one for a high-level Trump regime diplomatic post. 

DLT himself is a businessman with no former political experience before elected to the nation’s highest office.

His departing UN envoy at yearend Nikki Haley is a geopolitical know-nothing, an embarrassment to the office she holds.

Her ideological extremism likely sold Trump on appointing her, notably her fanatical support for Israel, ignoring its high crimes, supporting them by failure to denounce them. 

The US and Jewish state partner in each other’s wars of aggression, terrorizing Palestinians for decades part of their agenda – while pretending to support conflict resolution and Palestinian self-determination, notions they reject.

Like other key Trump regime officials, Haley militantly hostile to world peace and stability, rabidly against all sovereign independent countries, strongly supporting Washington’s imperial agenda, seeking control over all other nations by whatever it takes to achieve its objectives.

Heather Nauert reportedly is Trump’s top choice to succeed Haley as US UN envoy. She’s a former Fox News pseudo-journalist, DLT’s favorite TV channel, a geopolitical know-nothing like Haley, currently serving as State Department spokeswoman.

Earlier she worked as an ABC News general assignment reporter. In 2012, she became a “news presenter” and contributor to Fox & Friends, a morning talk show. 

She’s been State Department spokeswoman since April 2017, a mouthpiece for Trump’s imperial agenda, supporting its wars on humanity, hostile to sovereign independent states like other regime officials.

From March 13, 2018 to October 10, she served as acting Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs.

She’s a Council for Foreign Relations member. The late historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. once called the New York-based group a “front organization (for) the heart of the American establishment” – serving its interests, publishing only what it wants the public to know, suppressing what’s vital to keep everyone well informed.

On Thursday, Trump said Nauert is “under very serious consideration” to succeed Haley as US UN envoy. He’ll “probably” decide on his choice next week, adding:

Nauert is “excellent. She’s been with us a long time.” She has no diplomatic experience. Trump apparently wants her as UN envoy anyway.

According to the Wall Street Journal, AP News and CNN, he’s expected to nominate Nauert to succeed Haley as UN envoy.

ABC News said she was already offered the job, according to an unnamed senior White House official, adding: She and Trump met on Monday, their second meeting, discussing the UN post.

The Wall Street Journal said she “hasn’t appeared publicly at the State Department this week. In her place, Robert Palladino, a career foreign service officer who has been Ms. Nauert’s deputy since August, has briefed reporters three times this week.”

Asked about Nauert’s possible nomination as UN envoy, Palladino said “(a)ny announcement like that is the prerogative of the White House.”

Nauert reportedly is a Trump loyalist. Former secretary of state Rex Tillerson once complained that she’s “more loyal to the West Wing than the State Department.”

The UN post requires Senate confirmation, most often rubber-stamp.

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