Unsuccessful Russian Good Faith Peace Initiatives

Unsuccessful Russian Good Faith Peace Initiatives

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since 2011, Russian good faith conflict resolution efforts in Geneva, Astana, Sochi and Vienna achieved no tangible results toward ending Washington’s war in Syria.

In its 8th year, it continues raging despite most areas of the country liberated from US-supported terrorists.

Restoring peace and stability to Syria is unattainable because Washington wants endless war and regime change – Britain, France, Israel, the Saudis, Jordan, and other US partners support its imperial project.

Trump regime hardliners escalated naked aggression Obama launched – using ISIS and other jihadists as proxy foot soldiers, the same strategy Washington uses in all its war theaters, including Afghanistan. More on endless war there below. 

US forces illegally occupy northern and southern Syrian areas, intending to stay indefinitely, not leave, using bases the Pentagon and CIA established as platforms for ISIS and other terrorists to attack government troops and civilians.

That’s the cold, hard reality of what’s going on in Syria. Russia deserves full credit for its good faith efforts to combat US-supported terrorists, along with going all-out for conflict resolution. It’s not enough because of US imperial aims. 

The longer war continues, including Israeli terror-bombing of Syrian targets on the phony pretext of striking nonexistent Iranian troops and bases, the greater the chance for direct Russian confrontation with the US, its NATO partners, and/or Israel.

The Netanyahu regime’s responsibility for downing a Russian IL-20 surveillance aircraft last September in Syrian airspace, killing its 15 crew members, changed the dynamic for Moscow in the country.

Russia’s Defense Ministry called the incident an unacceptable “provocation,” telling the Netanyahu regime: “You are to blame for downing the IL-20” aircraft and “death of (its) crew” members.

Supplying Syria with sophisticated S-300 air defense systems provides its forces with greater protection against hostile aircraft, missiles and other aerial attacks.

The same goes for the US, UK and France if their actions risk the safety of Russian personnel in the country.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu explained why S-300s were sent, saying they’re “to reinforce Syria’s air defense systems in order to ensure better protection for our servicemen.”

In Syria and elsewhere, Russia is under no obligation to protect other countries from hostile attacks. It’s very much responsible for protecting its military and other citizens at home and abroad.

It’s the main reason S-300s are now installed, Russian technical experts training Syrian forces in their use, expected to continue to around yearend. The sophisticated system takes time to learn and operate effectively.

On Wednesday, US special envoy for Syria James Jeffrey said “(w)e certainly hope Russia’s permissive approach will continue” to allow Israeli air strikes in Syria, despite installation of S-300s able to down its aircraft.

Reportedly, Moscow told the Netanyahu regime that if Israeli warplanes continue attacking Syrian sites, S-300s supplied to its forces will down them.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Putin will “certainly” meet with with Trump in Paris this weekend to discuss Syria and other major issues, the weekend event commemorating the 100th anniversary of WW I’s end – at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. 

The so-called “war to end all wars” was prelude for far worse to come, including endless post-WW II US wars of aggression, raping and destroying one country after another.

Reportedly, Putin will not meet with Netanyahu in Paris, Russian anger over Israeli responsibility for downing its IL-20 not abating soon.

US aggression in Afghanistan rages in its 18th year with no prospect for resolution. As in Syria and other US war theaters, Washington wants endless war, not resolution.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry: “On November 9, Moscow will host the second meeting of the Moscow-format consultations on Afghanistan at the level of deputy foreign ministers and special envoys,” adding: 

“A delegation of the Doha-based political office of the Taliban movement will take part in an international meeting of this level for the first time.”

Invitations to participate were sent to the US-installed puppet Afghan regime, India, Iran, China, Pakistan, the US, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and the Taliban.

Similar Moscow discussions were held on September 4, Trump hardliners refusing to participate. Nor will they send a delegation to Moscow on November 9.

According to deputy US State Department spokesman Robert Palladino, “(t)he United States embassy in Moscow will send a representative to the working level to observe the discussions” – not participate in them, more evidence of US obstructionism to prevent conflict resolution, a notion bipartisan US hardliners oppose.

Trump hardliners support talks between the puppet Afghan regime and the Taliban without involvement of Russia or other countries unsupportive of US aims in the country.

Palladino lied claimed Washington supports expediting peace talks in the country, a notion the US opposes in all its war theaters – including Russian involvement for peace.

Throughout its history, Afghanistan was a graveyard of empires, defeating would-be conquerors, foiling their ambitions, America’s lost war the latest example, perhaps continuing for another 17 years – a lost cause no matter how long it goes on.

Days earlier, General Austin Scott Miller, newly installed US-dominated NATO Resolute Support commander in Afghanistan said ongoing war “is not going to be won militarily.” A political solution alone is possible Washington rejects.

Weeks earlier, Taliban commander Mullah Tofan expressed opposition to negotiating conflict resolution with Washington, saying:

“The Americans never wanted to cooperate with Taliban and Taliban also never asked Americans to cooperate.”

The only acceptable conflict resolution for Taliban commanders is complete withdrawal of all US and other foreign forces.

They’re willing to participate in Moscow’s initiative, knowing war won’t end as long as the country is occupied by foreign forces.

Washington intends permanent occupation of Afghanistan, why war rages endlessly. Obama earlier lied claiming “(w)e went into (the country) out of necessity, after our nation was attacked by al Qaeda on September 11th, 2001” – the mother of all state-sponsored false flags. Bin Laden, the Taliban, and “crazed Arabs” had nothing to do with what happened.

A previous article explained that endless US war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with combating terrorism America supports, everything to do with controlling the country, using it for oil and gas pipelines, part of encircling Russia and China with US military bases, and plundering vast Afghan mineral riches – likely worth trillions of dollars, a prize corporate predators covet.

It includes barite, chromite, coal, cobalt, copper, gold, iron ore, lead, enormous amounts of highly-valued lithium and other rare earth metals vital for high tech products, natural gas, oil, precious and semi-precious stones, potash, salt, sulfur, talc, zinc, among other minerals.

The nation is a resource treasure trove, a key reason why US occupation is permanent, unjustifiably justified by war, the idea not winning it, just waging it endlessly to control the country.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry Middle East department head Zamir Kabulov, the US deployed thousands of ISIS fighters moved from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan, saying:

“Russia was among the first nations to ring alarm about the expansion of IS into Afghanistan.”

“Lately, IS has boosted its presence in the country. Our estimate is that their force there is stronger than 10,000 troops and is continuing to grow. That includes new fighters with combat experience received in Syria and Iraq.”

They didn’t leave the Middle East for Central Asia on their own. Washington airlifted them to Afghanistan for use as proxy fighters.

It’s part of Washington’s endless war strategy in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere.

World peace and stability are anathema notions for America’s military/industrial/security/major media complex.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”



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