Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, ISIS and Libya

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, ISIS and Libya

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained endless war in Syria continues raging in terrorist infested areas – mainly in Idlib province and southwestern parts of the country.

Russian/Turkish agreed on an Idlib demilitarized zone nearly two months so far is a colossal failure. 

US-supported terrorists refuse to comply, using areas they control as platforms to launch attacks on civilians and government forces.

How much longer will it take for Moscow to decide that liberating Idlib, the last major US-supported terrorist stronghold in Syria, can no longer be delayed.

MZ: “Nusra and its allies (in the province) stage daily provocations, such as the shelling of residential areas in western Aleppo, undertaking desperate attempts to breach Syrian government troop positions on the southern flank in the direction of the town of Hama and conducting raids in the Latakia Mountains. About 200 such incidents were recorded in October,” continuing in November.

The good news is that about 1.5 Syrian refugees returned to their home areas, including daily flows from Lebanon.

Illegal occupation of Syrian territory by US and Turkish forces makes restoring political and economic normality to the country unattainable.

It’s harder still because of endless war in areas occupied by US supported terrorists, as well as Washington’s rage for regime change.

MZ: “…Syrians continue to feel the negative effects of unilateral financial and economic sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies,” adding: 

“The situation is particularly difficult in healthcare. According to the World Health Organization, there are significant problems with access to skilled medical care.” 

“This is due not only to the slow recovery of medical institutions, but also shortages of medicines, primarily for cancer treatment.” 

“On top of that, commercial deliveries of medicines to Syria are extremely difficult due to restrictions imposed on bank transfers” – Washington blocking sanctions relief, wanting maximum harshness imposed on long-suffering Syrians.

Last week Damascus sent letters to pro-Western UN Secretary General Antonio Guterrres and current Security Council president, what it’s done many times before to no avail.

This time it was about the devastating aftermath of Washington’s rape and destruction of Raqqa, massacring tens of thousands of its residents on the phony pretext of combatting ISIS the US supports.

Countless thousands of rotting corpses lay undiscovered beneath uncleared rubble. Around 4,000 so far were found – mostly women, the elderly and children, MZ explained – victims of US imperial viciousness.

Separately, a mass grave with over 2,500 bodies was discovered. “Another burial ground with 1,500 bombing victims was uncovered in the Panorama area,” said MZ.

Only about 2% of Raqqa rubble was cleared, the city largely destroyed by US terror-bombing. Official reports, and others by Western financed NGOs, claiming reconstruction is ongoing in the city are bald-faced lies.

Stark reality on the ground contradicts them. Raqqa and other devastated parts of Syria remain wastelands. Many years and tens of billions of dollars will be required to restore them close to pre-war conditions once fighting ends.

According to a November 6 joint report by the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq and Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on atrocities committed by US-supported ISIS in Iraq, UN investigators uncovered over 200 mass graves – a testimony to Obama and Trump regime viciousness for supporting these cutthroat killers.

Libya remains an out-of-control cauldron of endless violence – like all other US war theaters.

According to MZ, “the situation is not only far from stable but it even shows signs of further aggravation” – the endless disturbing aftermath of US launched aggression.

Clashes continue. Warring sides show few signs of attempting to restore peace and stability to the country – nearly eight years after devastating US-led aggression began.

US heavily armed and supported ISIS and al-Qaeda in the country make things all the harder to resolve.

Separately on November 10, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said conflict in Yemen is escalating, not abating, the Trump regime showing it’s “not planning to change its (aggressive) policy in” the country, adding:

“Taking into account that Washington is offering direct military support to the (Saudis, UAE, jihadists, and mercenary fighters), the sincerity of the United States’ statements in favor of the soonest end of the active phase of the Yemeni conflict is called to question.”

“So far, everything indicates that the US side” wants endless war in the country, not resolution as it falsely claims.

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