Tensions, Misery Easing in Gaza?

Tensions, Misery Easing in Gaza?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In their latest editions, the NYT and WSJ presented the same false scenario about Gaza – ignoring the reality of one of world’s severest humanitarian crises.

Since mid-2007, Gaza has been an undeclared Israeli war zone, its two million people held hostage under suffocating blockade, three devastating wars of aggression waged against them, along with regular IDF cross border incursions and terror-bombing incidents – all of the above for political reasons, unrelated to Jewish state security.

US major media one-sidedly support Israel, ignoring its high crimes, dismissive of fundamental Palestinian rights, notably crushing harshness on Gazans, virtual prisoners of Israeli apartheid viciousness.

The NYT lied claiming “Israel is…easing (its Gaza) blockade,” aiming to “restore calm…and avert another war.”

Peace, stability and calm are anathema notions for Israel and the US, why both countries partner in endless regional wars of aggression.

The Wall Street Journal turned truth on its head, saying “(d)ire humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip are showing signs of easing, as Israel and Hamas lower tensions and look for a long-term deal to calm violence.”

The Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of Movement provides regular updates on conditions in Gaza.

In late October, it said Israel’s transportation ministry announced plans to restrict movement of trucks carrying vital supplies to and from Gaza – falsely claiming it’s in response to safety hazards.

None exist except ones Israel creates, falsely blaming Hamas for its criminal actions. Restricting the movement of goods to and from the Strip is all about imposing illegal collective punishment.

It’s been ongoing since Hamas defeated Fatah in January 2006 to become Palestine’s legitimate government  – things greatly exacerbated after Israel imposed blockade conditions in mid-2007, an illegal act of war, the world community failing to condemn it then or now.

Gisha blasted Israel for greatly “impair(ing) the living conditions of (long-suffering) Gaza residents.”

True enough, Qatar’s $60 million donation to Gaza for fuel last week enabled an increase in electricity for its people.

They’re receiving around eight hours of power, alternating with a similar blackout period, depending on weather and what Israel permits the Strip to have, cutting vital supplies entirely at times depending on its whim.

On November 7, the main commercial crossing point between Israel and Gaza was closed, except for modest amounts of fuel let in.

On the previous two days, Gazan trucking companies and drivers protested against the Abbas controlled PA, in cahoots with Israel, imposing an extortionist tax on trucks carrying vital supplies entering the Strip – on top of other extortionist fees charged by Israel.

Unfair shipping costs and fees impose far greater hardship on Gaza’s devastated economy and people, affecting the vital movement of goods.

When things improve marginally in the Strip, it’s generally short-lived, greater harshness following, what’s virtually certain ahead this time.

If tensions and misery in the 

Strip were easing as the NYT and WSJ falsely claimed, weekly Great March of Return demonstrations would have ended.

They continued for the 33rd straight Friday since March 30, thousands of long-suffering Gazans protesting for an end to suffocating blockade, wanting their fundamental rights respected, Israeli viciousness ended, including diaspora Palestinians granted their legal right of return.

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), 141 Gazan civilians were wounded on November 9, including 19 children, six women, and four paramedics.

PCHR fieldworkers said demonstrators were entirely peaceful as on previous Fridays. Yet Israeli snipers attacked them with live fire, rubber-coated steel bullets and toxic tear gas – the same tactics used against all nonviolent Palestinian demonstrations and other legitimate resistance.

Gaza’s health ministry said seriously wounded Rami Wael Ishaq Qahman died from his wounds after being rushed to Gaza’s European hospital.

The death toll rose to at least 221 since March 30, over 24,000 others injured, the ministry reported.

Given likely continuation of weekly Gaza demonstrations for justice denied its people, another Israeli war of aggression is likely just a matter of time.

The false notion of eased tensions and misery in the Strip will fade well before Israel launches it like three times before.

The next cross-border incursion and terror-bombing incident is just a matter of when Israel decides to launch them – like countless numbers of times before.

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