Censoring Information on Harmful to Health GMO Foods and Ingredients?

Censoring Information on Harmful to Health GMO Foods and Ingredients?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

GMO foods and ingredients are toxic, unsafe to eat. Independent scientific research proves they’re harmful to human health.

Agribusiness giants want all animal and vegetable life forms patented. They want worldwide food control. They want it genetically engineered, prioritizing profits over human health.

There’s plenty of information around on the hazards of these foods and ingredients. It may be harder to find ahead because of increasing censorship, wanting the dangers of consuming these products suppressed.

Jeffrey Smith is a noted GMO expert. His books, other writing, and Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) have volumes of information on their hazards.

On Monday, access to IRT’s website was blocked, now restored so readers can follow its reports – unless the site is again taken down.

Access to his peer-reviewed article on GMOs in the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine was also blocked on Monday, restored for access on Tuesday – perhaps vulnerable to another takedown to suppress information corporate predators don’t want published about their harmful products.

Monsanto and other GMO seed producers want nothing interfering with polluting nations with their toxic products – as well as carcinogenic glyphosate in Roundup.

It’s used to kill weeds, ending up in children’s breakfast cereals, drinks, and numerous other foods, making them unsafe to eat.

Smith’s Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine article discussed results of an IRT survey, 3,256 members of his database responding to questions asked.

Over 85% reported improved digestive health from eliminating GMO foods and ingredients from their diet. Over two-thirds of respondents indicated “significant improvement,” including complete recovery from digestive problems.

Improvement was also reported in energy, weight control, alertness, insomnia, skin issues, seasonal allergies, gluten sensitivity, musculoskeletal pain, and diabetes.

GMO-free foods and ingredients contribute to improved health by no longer ingesting toxins they contain. Organic food consumption eliminates pesticides in the diet.

Most processed foods contain GMOs and ingredients. “(H)ealth improvements may be related to the benefits of unprocessed foods,” Smith explained.

He acknowledged that without carefully controlled human clinical trials, the extent that GMOs harm human health can’t be quantified.

“Based on informal surveys and conversations…farmers and veterinarians describe improvements in livestock that are switched to non-GMO soy, corn, or both,” Smith explained, adding: 

“In livestock, there are generally no other dietary changes and the reported improvements, e.g. gastrointestinal, immune, irritable or aggressive behavior, fatigue level, skin health, etc. are similar or identical to those reported by individuals and their practitioners.” 

In his book titled “Genetic Roulette,” Smith explained the results of animal studies from consumption of GMO foods.

Animals tested showed damaged immune systems, liver atrophy, an enlarged pancreas, intestines, structural changes in white blood cells, and numerous other abnormalities.

Most alarming, abnormalities showed up after 10 days of testing, persisting after 110 days, the human equivalent of 10 years.

GMOs saturate today’s diet. In America, the vast majority of processed foods contain them.

Unless labeled non-GMO or organic, so do rice, corn, soybeans and soy products, vegetable oils, soft drinks, salad dressings, numerous fruits and vegetables, dairy and animal products, even baby formula, and many other commonly eaten foods.

Consumers don’t know what they’re eating because labeling in 

America is banned. Yet the danger is clear. Independent studies show the more of these foods ingested, the greater the potential harm to human health.

Unwitting consumers are part of an uncontrolled, unregulated mass human experiment, the results unknown, the risks enormous, including to offspring.

Once GM seeds are introduced in an area, the genie is out of the bottle for keeps. Nothing is known able to reverse contamination already spread over most arable US farmland, heading everywhere unless checked.

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