Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria and New Interpol President

Russia Foreign Ministry on Syria and New Interpol President

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Peace and stability in Syria remain elusive because US hardliners want endless war for regime change.

US-supported terrorists infesting Idlib province remain a major cause for concern, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) stressed.

“(B)loody” incidents continue. The Russia/Turkey-agreed on Idlib demilitarized zone failed to be achieved – US/NATO/Israeli/Saudi/Turkish supported terrorists refusing to accept demilitarization.

Erdogan is the problem, refusing to go along with what he agreed on with Putin, proving again he can never be trusted.

Trump regime-led terror-bombing continues, massacring civilians, destroying vital infrastructure. The death and injury toll in Syria keeps rising exponentially in areas infested with US-supported terrorists.

MZ: US-led warplanes “again used (banned) white phosphorus bombs. Americans keep denying it with the same obstinacy as” its numerous other falsified claims about what’s going on in the country.

“Washington betrays its lack of interest in an early settlement of the Syria crisis by retaining its illegal military presence on Syrian territory and by its other actions, in particular, by thwarting efforts aimed at socioeconomic recovery of the country and the return of refugees and internally displaced persons.”

US sanctions were impose on Russian companies for “bypassing unilateral/illegal US sanctions” on Syria.

“Washington warned that the same would happen to anyone else who dared to violate the US sanctions regimes.” 

The Trump regime “want(s) to leave…Syrians without” vitally needed humanitarian aid, showing its contempt for fundamental human rights.

There’s good news to report. Around 1,000 refugees are returning from Lebanon and Jordan daily. According to Damascus, nearly 200,000 refugees returned to Deir Ezzor province since its liberation from US supported terrorists.

MZ: “…Syrian authorities are restoring the socioeconomic infrastructure destroyed by the war and continue their efforts to create worthy conditions for the return of their citizens to their homes.”

It’s a slow expensive process, all the harder with war still raging in parts of the country. On November 28 and 29, the next round of Astana conflict resolution talks will be held.

Since 2012, Geneva, Astana, and Sochi talks failed to restore peace and stability to the country because Washington wants endless war and regime change.

Around 60,000 Syrians remain virtual US hostages in the Rukban refugee camp, infested with ISIS and other US supported jihadists terrorizing them.

Previous articles explained that the US occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory is flagrantly illegal.

Over a dozen Pentagon military bases were established in these areas, used as platforms to wage war on the country and its people, including from its southern al-Tanf base near Syria’s border with Iraq and Jordan.

MZ slammed the Trump regime for using its al-Tanf base to train and give safe haven to ISIS and other jihadists – on the phony pretext of combating them.

They’re being armed and trained by US special forces. Deplorable Rukban conditions continue deteriorating, said MZ.

Refugees in the camp are suffering under terrible conditions. They’re “deprived of normal food and have minimal access to medication and medical help.” 

“Waste is not being collected, and there is no sewage system there. Crime and violence are rampant in the camp. Children are being recruited” as jihadists.

Western media are silent about what’s going on. Throughout years of war, they’ve consistently and wrongfully blamed government forces for high crimes of war and against humanity committed by the US and its imperial partners.

Commenting on the Trump regime’s rigged process to choose a new Interpol president last week, MZ said the following:

“The pre-election period saw an unprecedented campaign of disinformation, pressure, and slander unleashed (by the Trump regime against) Russian candidate Alexander Prokopchuk” – US pressure, bullying, and threats depriving him of the position he was deservedly favored to win. 

Moscow blasted what it called flagrant “intervention into the international organization’s electoral process.”

MZ added that “in its anti-Russian frenzy, Washington even departed from its principle of non-disclosure of preferences in elections to international organizations and, through the State Department, openly committed itself to preventing the election of the Russian representative.”

“(W)hat happened was gross interference in the internal affairs of an independent international organization which positions itself as a depoliticized and strictly professional community.”  

“We consider such actions to be inadmissible and damaging for the reputation and authority of Interpol.”

Russia shamefully puts up with hostile US actions without pushing back strongly – short of military confrontation.

Failure encourages continued US bullying and abuse. So does pretending Washington and Moscow are “partners.”

Republicans and undemocratic Dems consider Russia their mortal enemy – the way they treat all sovereign independent nations, naked aggression their favored way of toppling their governments.

Is the same thing inevitable in US/Russia relations – the ominous threat of possible nuclear war.

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