Anti-Assad UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria (COI)

Anti-Assad UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria (COI)

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

There’s nothing independent about the COI. Established in August 2011, it’s headed by pro-Western Paulo Sergio Pinheiro.

Mandated to investigate human rights abuses in Syria, it operates largely as an imperial tool. Time and again, it falsely accused Assad of crimes Syrian forces had nothing to do with.

It consistently ignores Pentagon-led terror-bombing, responsible for vast destruction and tens of thousands of Syrian civilian deaths, the horrific toll increasing daily.

Its reports are hugely biased, disregarding or ignoring core issues, blaming government forces for CW use and other atrocities committed by US-supported ISIS and other jihadists.

Earlier the COI lied claiming “(g)overnment forces continued to deliberately target civilians, including through the use of chemical weapons against civilians in opposition-held areas.”

It lied saying Syrian warplanes “used sarin in Khan Shaykhun, killing over 80 people, most of whom were women and children.”

The incident happened days after Syrian forces were falsely accused of using “toxic substances” in Hama province.

Accusations about government use of CWs are fabricated, the COI going along with countless Big Lies during nearly eight years of endless war. 

No evidence indicates Syrian, Russian, Hezbollah, or Iranian responsibility for CW attacks or other atrocities. Clear evidence proves the culpability of US-supported terrorists, as well as Pentagon and partnered forces in the country.

The COI earlier lied claiming Syrian warplanes bombed “medical facilities” – a US, NATO, Israeli, Saudi, UAE speciality, no evidence ever indicating Syrian responsibility for targeting hospitals or other non-military sites.

The COI falsely calls US aggression in Syria “civil war.” There’s nothing remotely “civil” about it.

On November 28, COI’s latest report called for “the Syrian State to account for the fate and whereabouts of detained and missing individuals countrywide,” adding:

The commission further calls for Damascus “to take a number of essential steps to address the most pressing concerns of both the victims and their families on this matter, including acknowledging the truth about how victims perished, revealing the whereabouts of their remains, and promptly, thoroughly, transparently, and independently investigating all custodial deaths, as well as deaths resulting from summary or extrajudicial executions.”

An earlier COI report falsely accused Assad of “extermination,” calling it “a crime against humanity.”

The commission, in cahoots with the US and NATO, blames Assad for Nuremberg-level high crimes committed by Washington, its imperial accomplices, and terrorist foot soldiers.

It failed to address near-daily US-led terror-bombing, notably the rape and destruction of Raqqa, massacring tens of thousands of defenseless Syrian civilians – on the phony pretext of combating ISIS Washington created and supports.

Since the Obama regime launched naked aggression on Syria in March 2011, high crimes committed by its forces and allies have been consistently ignored – by the COI, world community, and supportive media.

Throughout years of war, Assad has been responsibly involved in defending his country and people against what he justifiably called “invaders.” 

It’s a vital campaign warranting high praise, not condemnation or blame for US-led high crimes committed against the country and its people.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry warned about (US-supported jihadists) planning a CW attack against Kurdish forces in northern Syria – a pretext for more US, UK, French terror-bombing of Syrian sites, Damascus to be falsely blamed again for use of banned weapons.

The US-staged false flag is planned for Deir Ezzor province, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry, saying ISIS terrorists (trained in Jordan by Pentagon contractors) are filling mortar shells with toxic agents “to carry out a strike” to be falsely blamed on government forces.

Russia is monitoring the situation closely. Its S-400 and S-300 air defense systems can down hostile aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles.

The only language Washington and its imperial partners understand is force. It’s long past time for Russia to act against US, NATO, and Israeli air attacks on Syrian targets – high crimes of war never to be tolerated.

Would taking this action risk East/West confrontation, possible nuclear war? Failure to act against US-led aggression assures more of it, including along Russia’s borders, risking they’ll be aggressively crossed.

Years of Kremlin diplomatic outreach to Washington and its allies over Syria and other conflicts failed to stop US-led aggression.

Challenging it forcefully is the only way to get Washington’s attention. Failure to act will let things fester and worsen. Appeasing bullies is wrongheaded. It never works. 

Perhaps the best way to prevent global war with nukes is by confronting Washington forcefully enough to show its bullying no longer will be tolerated.

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