Ukraine on Brink of War with Russia?

Ukraine on Brink of War with Russia?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Ukraine’s military under US-installed putschist rule is notoriously dysfunctional. 

Most of its lower and mid-level commanders, as well as troops, want no part of waging war. Its ranks filled with conscripts oppose fighting their own people – let alone Russia if Kiev instigates confrontation.

Corruption is rampant. Hundreds of millions of dollars disappeared into the pockets of high-ranking military and US-installed regime officials. 

Ordinary Ukrainians suffer enormously from impoverishment, unemployment, inflation, unaffordable goods and services, along with ruthless fascist rule.

Donbass military intelligence-obtained evidence shows poor morale, alcohol abuse, violations of military discipline, and crimes committed against Ukrainian civilians.

Thousands of its troops deserted, some leaving units and not returning, others joining Donbass freedom fighters against Kiev, wanting democratic rule over fascist extremism.

Ukrainian troops are underpaid, poorly fed and clothed, mistreated, and against the ruling regime.

Donetsk and Lugansk freedom fighters earlier decimated Kiev’s forces – able to meet the challenge again if escalated aggression occurs. Notoriously tough Chicago cops could likely smash Ukrainian forces. Against Russia, they wouldn’t last a day.

Washington colonized the country after the Obama regime replaced democratic governance with illegitimate, Nazi-infested, fascist tyranny – why the vast majority of Ukrainians abhor US-installed puppet oligarch president Petro Poroshenko, and most parliamentarians against their rights and welfare.

Poroshenko’s declaration of martial law along Ukrainian territory bordering Russia, approved by rubber-stamp parliamentarians, along with putting the country’s military on full combat alert, came along with falsely claiming “the threat of a full-scale war with the Russian Federation.”

Russia threatens no one, not Ukraine or any other countries. Trump regime hardliners and their accomplices in other countries threaten world peace and stability.

Poroshenko lied claiming Russian forces are mobilized along “the entire length of” Ukraine’s 1,500 land and sea border with Russia.

No such mobilization for war or any other purpose exists, other than Russia’s Defense Ministry preparedness in case the country is attacked. 

Poroshenko fooled no one, compounding his Big Lie by adding that Ukrainian forces need to be ready to resist a nonexistent threat of “large-scale (Russian) ground invasion.”

He urged US-led NATO to send warships to the Black Sea to confront Russia provocatively. 

Putin accused him of a staged Kerch Strait stunt, planned well in advance to boost his abysmally low approval rating by acting tough on Russia, a pretext to declare martial law – a hostile act against Moscow, the region and Ukrainian citizens.

Documents discovered aboard seized Ukrainian vessels prove Sunday’s incident was a planned provocation, Sergey Lavrov saying:

“The documents indicate that this was a pre-planned provocation aimed at creating a scandal to achieve geopolitical goals and with a view to solving internal problems of Kiev’s regime.”

France and Germany reportedly oppose further Western sanctions on Russia. Their ruling regimes should be held accountable for going along with US policy, imposing illegal sanctions, losing billions of dollars in business and hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process.

Former hawkish NATO commander Adm. James Stavridis called on Trump to stand with Ukraine against Russia, including by supplying more heavy weapons, adding:

“(T)his will be another testing point in (his) notably odd relationship with Russia.” Once a warrior, always one. Generals and admirals don’t earn stars and combat medals by promoting world peace.

Trump had no idea what he was getting into if elected president – co-opted straightaway to go along with longstanding dirty business as usual, Cold War 2.0 escalated on his watch, more intense and dangerous than against Soviet Russia.

Incidents like the Black Sea/Kerch Strait provocation can mushroom into something much more serious if US dark forces want things playing out this way.

It remains to be seen what develops in the wake of Sunday’s incident. Russia supports world peace and security – diplomatic outreach its main geopolitical strategy.

Make no mistake. If threatened, the Kremlin and Defense Ministry will go all-out to protect the country’s security, territory, and people.

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