WaPo Supports Endless Russia Bashing Witch Hunt Probe

WaPo Supports Endless Russia Bashing Witch Hunt Probe

by Stephen Lendman

Special counsel Mueller never should have been appointed in the first place. His disturbing conflicts of interest alone should have disqualified him. 

There was and remains no just cause for appointing a special counsel to investigate a possible Trump team Russia connection. From the 2016 presidential campaign to today, not a shred of evidence suggests it.

House, Senate, and Mueller probes over nothing reflect one of the most shameful chapters in US history – McCarthyism on steroids, supported by major media like WaPo instead of denouncing the sham.

There’s plenty about Trump to criticize and demand he be held accountable for. Nothing suggests he or his team colluded with Russia to triumph over Hillary.

She defeated herself, the most widely despised presidential aspirant in US history, the most ruthlessly dangerous and venal, the most unqualified for any public position.

Endless months and millions of dollars spent on the Russiagate witch hunt found no evidence of Trump team/Russia collusion because there’s nothing to find no matter how much longer the probe goes on.

When is enough enough? When does the sham end? How many more millions of dollars spent are too many? When will major media act responsibly and call for ending what never should have been initiated.

Not the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post – supporting the Big Lie about nonexistent Russian election meddling and a possible Trump/Kremlin connection aiding his electoral triumph.

On Thursday, WaPo lied claiming Mueller “keeps offering important revelations,” saying his witch hunt “must continue,” adding:

“It remains unclear whether these revelations will add up to a case that President Trump colluded with the Russians to sway the 2016 presidential election. Yet what they do prove is that there are more than enough troubling questions and shady Trump associates to justify Mr. Mueller’s continued work.”

Begun in mid-May 2017, his witch hunt found no evidence of a Russia/Trump team connection, nothing suggesting Kremlin US election meddling, after over 18 months of trying.

Trump is wrongheaded, disgraceful, reckless, and lawless on most issues, not this one, calling “Russia collusion (in America’s electoral process) a proven lie…”

WaPo: Mueller’s probe “resulted in indictments of a range of Russian wrongdoers and exposed criminally sleazy behavior among members of Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign.” 

“After this week, it seems Mr. Mueller is also following possible connections between people in Mr. Trump’s orbit and WikiLeaks, the website that served in 2016 as a conduit for the release of material Russian operatives stole from prominent Democrats.”

Fact: Russian indictments had nothing to do with meddling in America’s political process, everything to do with Russophobia, vilifying Moscow. 

Fact: Its nationals were indicted for things they had nothing to do with, the whole ugly business politically tainted.

Fact: Whatever former Trump campaign manager Paul Manfort may or may not have done has nothing to do with Russia, nothing connecting the Kremlin to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Fact: WikiLeaks and nonexistent “Russian operatives” stole nothing. DNC material was leaked by an insider, given to WikiLeaks, published because it was determined to be credible, important for the public to know.

What WaPo called a “murky picture” is a shameful endlessly pursued witch hunt sham. Saying “the country should be glad Mr. Mueller” continues his probe flies in the face of reality.

No honorable lawyer or jurist would touch what’s going on, a corrupted process, aiming solely to vilify Russia and delegitimize Trump for the wrong reasons, not the right ones – polar opposite what legitimate investigations are supposed to be all about.

WaPo saying the probe must go on continues support for what never should have been undertaken.

No Russian US election meddling occurred. No evidence suggests it – nor anything tying Trump or his team improperly or illegally to Russia.

He and his regime are guilty of egregious crimes of war and against humanity against multiple countries.

Why hasn’t a special council been appointed to investigate real crimes, major ones, not fake ones, what Mueller wasted millions of dollars doing.

Trump, his regime hardliners, the vast majority of congressional members, and go along federal courts are complicit in high crimes gone unpunished.

Mueller’s probe distracts attention from where legal efforts should be directed – Washington’s bipartisan criminal class held accountable for real crimes too egregious to go unpunished.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”



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