Fraudster Russophobe Bill Browder

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November 21, 2018
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November 21, 2018

Fraudster Russophobe Bill Browder

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Notorious imperial favorite, international con man, fraudster, tax cheat, serial liar, Russophobe Bill Browder belongs in prison longterm for his crimes. 

He once ran one of the largest investment firms in Russia – making money by stealing it, laundering it, and tax avoidance.

His Hermitage Capital Management Fund ceased operations over judicial action against him in London, along with his conviction in absentia for massive tax evasion in Russia.

In 2016, Kremlin authorities blacklisted him as a “threat to national security.” Militantly hostile toward Russia, he lied claiming the Kremlin wants him tortured and killed. If true, he’d have been dead years ago.

He’s a congressional darling, providing false Russiagate and other Russophobic testimony, committing perjury under oath, including falsely claiming Putin has thousands of officials, operating with “instructions to kill, torture, kidnap, extort money from people and seize their property” – a bald-faced lie, no evidence backing the accusation.

Claiming he’s campaigning for justice and exposure of corruption conceals his real agenda, serving his own interests, along with by spreading disinformation and Big Lies about Russia and Putin.

On Monday, spokesman for Russia’s Prosecutor-General’s Office Nikolai Atmonyev said “(o)n November 16, an order was issued on launching a criminal case against Browder over the signs of establishing a criminal network and being its leader. This means the signs of a crime under Part 1 of Article 210 of the Russian Criminal Code.”

An investigation also began into his possible involvement in the murder of his three Hermitage Capital Management partners. Forensic evidence showed potentially lethal toxins in their bodies. 

He may also have been involved in the murder of his associate Sergey Magnitsky, perhaps by lethal toxin poisoning.

According to Russian authorities, it’s “highly likely” that Magnitsky and other Browder associates “were killed to get rid of accomplices who could give an incriminating testimony against” him. He benefitted most from their deaths.

Russia was falsely blamed for Magnitsky’s death while in police custody. He and three other Browder associates are believed to have been killed by a rare-water-soluble aluminum compound.

The all showed similar symptoms consistent with toxic poisoning before their deaths.

Notorious tax cheat, money launderer, international crook Browder is involved in a “network of companies and credit institutions…in Cyprus, Latvia and Switzerland, which were used to funnel…large sums valued at amounts ranging from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars,” according to Kremlin authorities.

Russia sentenced him twice in absentia for massive tax evasion. In July 2014, he was put on a worldwide wanted list. Russia’s Prosecutor-General’s Office repeatedly requested Interpol to arrest and extradite him to Moscow for prosecution.

The Prosecutor-General’s office delivered over 1,100 pages of damning material, documenting Browder’s criminal activities in the Russian Federation, the US and elsewhere. The US Justice Department failed to respond.

Browder operates like US and other Western hardliners, blaming others for their own crimes.

On Monday, the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post  gave Browder feature op-ed space to spread lies about Russia, never backing them with evidence because none exists.

He repeated long ago discredited Big Lies, including the Salisbury, UK false flag incident, the downing of MH17, the favorite for US Russophobes about (nonexistent) Russian US election meddling, and saying “Russia has demonstrated some of the most criminal tendencies of any country in the world.”

When it comes to the highest of high crimes, America far and away towers over all other countries as the indisputable world champion rogue state – politically, economically, financially, and militarily.

Browder is especially apoplectic over the likely election of Russian General Aleksandr Prokopchuk as Interpol head – the body’s new president to be chosen on Wednesday. The winning candidate needs a two-thirds majority of 194 member states. Multiple voting rounds continue if necessary to reach this level. See below.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov slammed congressional opposition to Prokopchuk, lobbying intensely against him, unacceptably “interven(ing) in the voting process,” spreading lies about Russia, he said.

Reportedly he’s a favorite to lead the organization, an intolerable notion for US political, media, and other Russophobes, including Browder, saying:

“No one should want to see a Russian elevated to this post, but I have a particular personal interest in seeing that it doesn’t happen.”

Indeed so! It would likely increase Interpol diligence in arresting and extraditing him to Russia to be held accountable for his criminal activities.

Former CIA case officer/US army intelligence officer Philip Giraldi calls him “probably the most dangerous guy in the world” when it comes to spreading malicious Russophobic hate-mongering – bashing Russia to shift attention from his own criminal actions.

Giraldi believes the tide may be turning against him, saying “I’m seeing more and more references to Browder in a negative way.” 

Accountability for his criminal activities is long overdue.

A Final Comment

Russian General Alexander Prokopchuk lost his bid to head Interpol. South Korea’s Kim Jong Yang was elected instead – the result of heavy US pressure, bullying and threats.

Moscow blasted what it called “some kind of intervention into the international organization’s electoral process.”

How much more US hostility will Putin and other key Russian officials tolerate before challenging Washington the way they should have long ago – instead of pretending both countries are “partners.”

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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