Law of the Sea Enforcement Falsely Called Russian Aggression

Russia Falsely Blamed for Ukraine Black Sea Provocation
November 27, 2018
Ukraine Declares Martial Law, Puts Military on Full Combat Alert
November 27, 2018

Law of the Sea Enforcement Falsely Called Russian Aggression

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Accusations of Russian aggression earlier and now over Sunday’s Kiev-initiated Black Sea/Kirch Strait provocation were and remain without foundation. 

They’re Big Lies, part of a continuing campaign to vilify the country, risking East/West confrontation if pushed too far.

Hardliners in Washington, Britain, and other Western capitals could never get away with their stunts if major media exposed them responsibly – instead of acting as imperial press agents.

As expected, they blamed Russia irresponsibly for Ukraine’s unlawful Kerch Strait provocation – willfully reporting disinformation and Big Lies, how they always operate, using their platforms to deceive readers and viewers, not inform them about what’s going on.

The Russophobic NYT wrongfully accused Russia’s military of initiating “the first overt armed conflict between the two sides since” the Obama regime’s February 2014 coup, replacing democratic governance with fascist tyranny it failed to explain.

The self-styled newspaper of record quoted US-installed illegitimate president Poroshenko, falsely accusing Moscow of what he called “hybrid war” against Ukraine, adding it’s “a qualitatively different situation, a qualitatively different threat.”

Kiev’s illegitimate parliament rubber-stamped Poroshenko’s martial law declaration for the next 30 days, effective along Ukraine’s border with Russia, a highly provocative act, likely to be extended into the new year.

Ukraine was the aggressor on Sunday, not Russia, its action likely orchestrated by Trump regime hardliners, perhaps jointly with Britain.

If something more serious develops, it’ll be initiated by Kiev and its Western backers, mainly Washington, not Moscow.

So far, there’s no “hybrid” or any other type war initiated. Under Vladimir Putin and when Dmitry Medvedev served as president, no Russian aggression occurred against any nations – what US-dominated NATO and Israel do repeatedly.

Asked about the Kerch Strait incident, Trump called it “(n)ot good. We’re not happy about it. We do not like what’s happening either way…(H)opefully it will get straightened out,” adding he’s discussing the incident with US EU allies.

Neocon Russophobe Mike Pompeo was harsher, falsely accusing Moscow of “a dangerous escalation and a violation of international law”, adding: 

“The United States condemns this aggressive (sic) Russian action. We call on Russia to return to Ukraine its vessels and detained crew members, and to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, extending to its territorial waters.”

Nikki Haley embarrassed herself like always, falsely accusing Moscow of “yet another reckless…escalation” – as usual getting things backwards, at the same time, ignoring US imperial rage she wholeheartedly supports.

A Theresa May regime spokesman falsely accused Russia of an “act of aggression.” Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt turned truth on its head, saying Russia showed “contempt for international norms and Ukrainian sovereignty” – a bald-faced Big Lie.

Europe is a virtual US colony, its ruling authorities siding with Washington’s support for Ukraine’s unacceptable Sunday provocation. Its US-installed regime bears full responsibility for what happened.

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry blasted Kiev for its hostile action, justifiably accusing it of violating UN Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) provisions, strongly adding:

“Russia has repeatedly warned the Kiev regime and its Western patrons about the danger of inflating artificial hysteria in connection with the Sea of ​​Azov and the Kerch Strait.” 

“Clearly, this is a well-thought-out provocation that took place in a predetermined place and form and is aimed at creating another hotbed of tension in that region and a pretext for stepping up sanctions against Russia.” 

“Clearly, all of this was also designed to distract attention from the domestic political problems that exist in Ukraine. This assumption is further corroborated by Kiev’s plans to impose martial law in the country, a move which is odious in the light of the upcoming presidential elections in the spring of 2019.”

“We are hereby issuing a warning to Ukraine that Kiev’s policy, pursued in coordination with the United States and the EU, that seeks to provoke a conflict with Russia in the waters of the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea is fraught with serious consequences.” 

“The Russian Federation will firmly curb any attempts to encroach on its sovereignty and security.”

Tough talk like the above is rare from the Kremlin and its ministries. Backing it with tough actions against further provocations is essential – the only language the US, UK, Ukraine, and their imperial accomplices understand.

Other Western media Russophobic rage over the Kerch Strait incident was similar to NYT disinformation.

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post falsely blamed Russia for “aggression against Ukraine…(a) blatant act of war…(a) naval attack,” adding:

“The United States should be moving firmly to deter further aggression by Russia and to restore Ukraine’s right to send ships through the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait.” 

“Russian ports in the region could be threatened with sanctions. Ukraine could be supplied with anti-ship missiles that would allow it to better defend itself.”

WaPo barely stopped short of urging WW III. The Wall Street Journal was just as Russophobic, falsely accusing the Kremlin of “reckless(ness)” against Ukraine – polar opposite what happened.

The Journal quoted a Big Lie by Wilson Center Russophobe Michael Kofman, saying Russia “wanted to give Ukraine a bloody nose and remind them the true balance of power.”

All nations are obligated to obey and enforce fundamental rule of law principles – what Russia did on Sunday, what the US and its imperial accomplices fail to do, consistently breaching international law instead.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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