Russia Massing Troops to Invade Ukraine?

Russia Massing Troops to Invade Ukraine?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The post-Obama regime coup in Ukraine canard about “Russian aggression” in the country was long ago discredited.

US-installed puppet president Petro Poroshenko aims to revive it by inventing the myth of Russian forces massed on Ukraine’s border ready to invade.

He lied claiming Russia deployed “more than 80,000 troops, 1,400 artillery and multiple rocket launch systems, 900 tanks, 2,300 armored combat vehicles, 500 aircraft and 300 helicopters” along the 1,500 mile land and sea border between both countries. 

No Russian deployment exists – other than when forces engage in military exercises. Unlike US-dominated NATO, conducting provocative drills near Russian, Chinese, and North Korean borders, Russian military exercises are held in its own territory, threatening no one – not Ukraine or any other countries.

Its Defense Ministry is prepared to respond forcefully and effectively if its territory or personnel in Syria or elsewhere are threatened – a legitimate potential threat, polar opposite Poroshenko’s invented one.

Putin calls the US-installed regime in Kiev the “party of war,” intending provocations and hostilities as long “as they stay in power,” more incidents like Kerch Strait likely coming, adding:

“When I look at this latest incident in the Black Sea, all what’s happening in Donbass – everything indicates that the current Ukrainian leadership is not interested in resolving this situation at all, especially in a peaceful way.”

The Poroshenko regime uses war in Donbass, the Kerch incident, and other provocations to distract attention from its state terror, incompetence, corruption, wrecked economy, and unpopularity ahead of March 2019 elections.

He and his cronies are sure to lose unless they arrange victory the old-fashioned way – avoiding certain defeat by election rigging, the surefire method many regimes use when others can’t work.

Ukraine’s regime is a US-installed Nazi-infested cancer in Europe’s heartland – a dagger used by US, UK neocon hardliners, and their Russophobic partners against Russia, a dangerous flashpoint risking East/West confrontation if pushed too far.

Poroshenko wants war, not peace. He lied before about an impending “Russian invasion.” Can anyone take him seriously?

Does the Trump regime intend to dump him in favor of someone as ruthless but more competent? It matters little who runs the Kiev regime as long as it serves US interests, mainly its Russophobic ones.

Martial law declared through nearly yearend along Ukrainian territory bordering Russia, perhaps to be extended, represents a potentially dangerous flashpoint if US and/or Kiev officials intend further provocations against the Russian Federation, what’s most likely coming, maybe something more serious than the Kerch Strait incident.

The provocation was likely prelude for whatever Russophobes in Washington, London and Kiev have in mind next.

Moscow is fully able to handle whatever may happen. Perhaps with winter approaching, things will be delayed until early spring.

March is Washington’s favorite month for launching war, including in Southeast Asia, against Serbia, the 2003 Iraq war, against Libya, Syria, and escalated war in Yemen by US-supported Saudi/UAE terror-bombing and blockade.

The US, NATO and Israel are on a permanent war footing. So is Ukraine since the Obama regime’s February 2014 coup – Kiev’s war on its own people in Donbass begun weeks later on April 6, continuing intermittently since then.

Do the Trump and Kiev regimes intend a March 2019 surprise, perhaps preceded by more Kerch Strait-type provocations, followed by something more large-scale.

Russia is fully prepared to respond to whatever may happen, Donbass perhaps to be ground zero for what the Trump regime may have in mind. 

Ukraine and Syria are the world’s leading hot spots. North Korea again will become one if, or more likely when, denuclearization talks fail because Trump regime hardliners intend no evenhandedness with Pyongyang, just the opposite.

Kim Jong-un and his top advisors may already realize that dealing with Trump achieved nothing – like earlier failed talks with Washington. DLT follows whatever his neocon handlers demand – like foolishly cancelling a scheduled G20 meeting with Putin.

It doesn’t matter if they meet, speak, otherwise communicate or not. He’s a front man for Russophobic dark forces controlling him.

Endless US wars rage in multiple theaters. Are more coming in the new year – maybe something dangerously larger-scale than what’s ongoing?

Peace in our time is unattainable because bipartisan hawks in Washington reject the idea.

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