Trump Regime Wants Hamas Blamed for Israeli Crimes

Trump Regime Wants Hamas Blamed for Israeli Crimes

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Longstanding US, NATO, Israeli policy blames victims for crimes committed against them, major media supporting the deception instead of exposing it.

Geopolitical know-nothing Jason Greenblatt is Trump’s special representative for international negotiations.

He, Jared Kushner and Trump regime’s envoy to Israel are over-the-top Zionist ideologues, one-sidedly supporting the Jewish state, hostile to Palestinian rights – their no-peace/peace plan a disaster waiting to happen if ever released.

In a jointly-written July 2018 op-ed, they lied saying “(h)elp is at hand for Palestinians. It’s up to Hamas.” A litany of Big Lies followed.

They falsely blamed Hamas for Israeli high crimes against two million Gazans – ignoring the suffocating blockade, illegally imposed for political reasons.

In less than so many words, they called for Hamas, and by implication all Palestinians, to surrender to Israel’s will, abandoning their fundamental rights.

They accused Hamas of attacks committed against the Strip. They support unchallenged Israeli control over historic Palestine.

They endorse land theft, settlement construction on stolen Palestinian land, political imprisonments, targeted assassinations, and other Israeli high crimes without admitting it.

Greenblatt is on a mission to enlist despotic Arab regimes to support a General Assembly resolution the Trump regime endorses, condemning Hamas for Israeli crimes against Gazans, a Thursday vote scheduled.

Reportedly, he contacted ruling regimes in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar, urging them to turn truth on its head for the US and Israel.

He called for their ruling authorities to oppose PA efforts to block the resolution. The world body never before condemned Hamas – nor should it now.

He lied denouncing Hamas for terrorist attacks – committed against Gaza by Israel, not the other way around.

He lied calling for Palestinian unity Washington and Israel go all-out to prevent, wanting Hamas and the PA permanently at odds with each other, a divide and conquer strategy, employed since Hamas’ January 2006 electoral triumph, making it Palestine’s legitimate ruling authority.

He lied calling the resolution relevant, weeks after Hamas fired hundreds of rockets at Israel, failing to explain it was in response to preemptive Netanyahu regime hostility.

As always, rockets fired from Gaza on Israel are defensive, not offensive, even though they’re no match against Israel’s superior military might. 

They rarely ever cause damage or casualties – unlike Israeli mass slaughter and destruction by naked aggression on Gaza.

When launched, Israel bears full responsibility for wars and state terror, Palestinians their victims, Gazans harmed most of all over the past decade.

The Trump regime one-sidedly supports Israel, ignoring its high crimes, supplying its killing machine with weapons, backing its slow-motion genocide, complicit in enforcing harshness on millions of defenseless Palestinians – including by slashing vital humanitarian aid.

The Trump and Netanyahu regimes are trying to pressure, intimidate, and bully Palestinians to formally abandon their fundamental rights by agreeing to a no-peace/peace deal no responsible leadership would touch – as well as go along with the Trump regime’s illegal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s exclusive capital.

Trump official policy toward Israel is all about serving its interests exclusively at the expense of Palestinian rights he doesn’t give a damn about.

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