Trump Regime Hellbent for Breaching Agreements and Warmaking

Trump Regime Hellbent for Breaching Agreements and Warmaking

by Stephen Lendman

The Trump regime is the most ruthlessly dangerous one in US history – abhorrent of international laws, norms and standards it openly flouts, along with breaching its own constitutional and statute laws, how all rogue states operate.

Abandoning the JCPOA and INF Treaty is likely prelude for planned hostile actions, war with Iran a disturbing possibility, along with possible direct confrontation with Russia and China.

US hostility toward Russia risks eventual war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers. The 90-day US/China truce at the G20 was much ado about nothing.  

Major US differences with both countries remain irreconcilable, unable to be resolved in 90 days or 90 months because they’re world’s apart. Inevitable US clashes with both countries loom, unthinkable war an ominous possibility.

In January, the Bureau of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock moved closer to midnight – reaching less than a full minute for the first time.

The Atomic Scientists expressed concern over Trump’s announced nuclear arsenal expansion, his strident nationalism, his dismissiveness about climate change, his “intemperate statements,” and questionable appointments, potentially “ma(king) a bad international security situation worse.”

His actions since taking in office should scare everyone everywhere – his regime infested with hawkish generals and neocon extremists.

Their rage for endless wars and hostility toward sovereign independent states risk unthinkable nuclear war for the first time in earnest – forcing Russia and China to prepare for possible war both countries abhor, want avoided, but can happen because of out-of-control US belligerence.

Today more than ever on Trump’s watch is the most perilous time in world history. Put nothing past regime hardliners’ rage for dominance, making the unthinkable possible.

His regime’s 60-day INF Treaty ultimatum to Russia was head-fake deception. Putin was right saying hardliners in charge of his geopolitical agenda planned to withdraw from the treaty long before Trump announced it in October, Russia’s president saying:

“Mr Pompeo’s statement came a bit late. At first, the American side did announce its intent to withdraw from the INF Treaty, and then they started seeking justifications as to why they should do it.”

Congressionally authorized R&D funding for ballistic missiles was all about unilaterally breaching the treaty – well before Trump’s October pullout announcement, and his regime’s 60-day ultimatum to Russia.

Aware of what’s going on, Putin said “(t)he decision had been made some time ago, but quietly. They thought we wouldn’t notice (what was) in the Pentagon budget,” adding: 

“Next, they started to look for someone to blame. The easiest thing is (to falsely say) ‘Russia is guilty.’ ” The same deception happens time and again, major media supporting what they should expose and denounce. 

Virtually everything the US and its imperial partners blame on the Kremlin is polar opposite cold, hard facts. Many times Russia is falsely blamed for crimes committed against it, the hostile Kerch Strait provocation the most recent example.

Pulling out of the INF Treaty won’t go unanswered, said Putin. Given no choice, “(w)e will also do it,” he explained.

Russian upper house Federation Council Defense and Security Committee chairman Viktor Bondarev warned that Moscow will respond to the Trump regime’s pullout by developing “unique types of weapons.”

Russia already was super-weapons vastly superior to America’s – developed at a small fraction of what the US spends, wasting countless trillions of dollars on enormous waste, fraud and abuse, symptomatic of a nation in decline.

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