Trump Regime Breaches 90 Day Sino/US Truce

Trump Regime Breaches 90 Day Sino/US Truce

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Time and again, Washington flagrantly breaches international laws, norms and standards – its longstanding way of operating, by its own rules alone, no others.

Its trade dispute with China is largely unrelated to America’s large trade deficit with the country – everything to do with wanting to undermine its “Made in China 2025” agenda to become an economic, industrial, and technological powerhouse, well on the way toward achieving it.

A previous article discussed the unacceptable arrest of Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies’ chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities in Vancouver – a scheme to extradite her to America on politically and economically motivated charges with no legal validity.

The action threatens to rupture already uneasy bilateral relations, major differences between both countries too irreconcilable to resolve. 

They’re all about China’s growing political, economic, financial, and military clout – the trade deficit between both countries largely a distraction.

At the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, both leaders agreed to continue discussions on bilateral differences for another 90 days until around March 1 – despite failing to resolve them after months of trying.

Nor are breakthroughs likely ahead because Washington aims to dominate Beijing, not find cooperative accommodation – how it operates with all countries.

Pledges by Xi and Trump in Buenos Aires were meaningless gestures. Their discussion achieved nothing but a 90 day delay ahead of another inevitable bilateral clash.

The unacceptable arrest, detention, and coming extradition of Meng to the US further complicates very shaky Sino/US relations.

Reuters reported that Trump and Canada’s Justin Trudeau tried distancing themselves from the incident – Meng’s arrest and detention coming on the same DLT and Xi met in Buenos Aires at the G20 summit.

Canada complied with a Trump regime request, reportedly over unjustifiably charging Huawei with using banking giant HSBC Holdings to evade (clearly illegal) US sanctions on Iran.

Both companies and the US Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York declined to comment. Mei Xinyu close to China’s Commerce Ministry said the following:

“The latest Huawei incident shows that we should be fully prepared for longterm confrontation between China and the US, as the US will not ease its stance on China, and the arrest of a senior executive of China’s major tech company is a vivid example.”

According to Mobile China Alliance secretary general Wang Yanhui, Washington aims to undermine Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” agenda, adding:

“Huawei has become another card for the US to play against China in the trade war” – more hostile shoes sure to drop, showing Washington can never be trusted.

“US sanctions against China’s high-tech sector is always intensifying. The US needs to set up an imaginary enemy, like China, to demonstrate its ‘influence’ in the global community.”

Telecom industry news site head Xiang Ligang called Huawei “a hostage in the China-US trade war. That’s one thing for sure so far.”

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang demanded Meng’s immediate release. A US embassy in China Weibo account called the action against her a new low for the Trump regime in bilateral relations.

On Thursday, John Bolton said he knew in advance that Meng would be arrested in Canada. Indeed! He likely ordered it – the Trudeau and Trump regimes colluding against Huawei by unjustifiably targeting her.

According to Bolton, “Huawei is one company we’ve been concerned about. There are others as well…(T)his is going to be a major subject of the negotiations that (Trump and Xi) agreed to in Buenos Aires.”

He declined to provide details about why Meng was arrested and detained, instead slammed China for alleged theft of US intellectual property – providing no evidence proving it or other accusations against the country.

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