US Toughness on Independent Nations

US Toughness on Independent Nations

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US hostility toward Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and other sovereign independent nations is all about seeking unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve it – including political, economic, financial, propaganda and hot war.

That’s what imperialism is all about, wanting all other nations bowing to Washington’s will, outliers targeted for regime change, other tough tactics used against them.

Trade war with Beijing is all about wanting to undermine its “Made in China 2025” agenda to become an economic, industrial, and technological powerhouse – an objective it’s well on the way toward achieving.

North Korea is targeted for its sovereign independence, its ties to China, its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities, its thousands of underground national security facilities, the world’s fourth largest military, about 200,000 special forces, along with around 10,000 artillery pieces and mobile missiles able to strike US regional military bases.

While no match against Washington’s military might, it’s able to inflict enormous damage if attacked, its capabilities powerful enough to give Trump regime warlords pause about the price to pay for waging war on the country.

Hostility toward Iran is all about wanting its sovereign independence replaced by pro-Western puppet rule, eliminating Israel’s key regional rival, along with gaining control over its vast oil and gas reserves.

Anti-Venezuela rage since the Clinton co-presidency aims to replace Bolivarian social democracy with fascist tyranny, along with gaining control over the world’s largest oil reserves.

Hostility toward Russia is over its sovereign independence, opposition to Washington’s imperial agenda, its aim for multi-world polarity, and status as the world’s dominant military power, its super-weapons exceeding the Pentagon’s best, developed at a small fraction of the cost.

Britain is as militantly hostile toward Russia as nearly all US Republican and undemocratic Dems.

The March US/UK-staged Salisbury, Britain Skripal false flag provocation was one of many examples of ruthless Russia bashing by the Trump and Theresa May regimes. The Big Lie about what happened won’t die.

The same goes for virtually all other fabricated accusations against Russia – waging war on the country by other means.

The likely US/UK-orchestrated Ukraine Kerch Strait provocation was the latest shoe to drop – Russia falsely blamed for the US-installed Poroshenko regime’s action.

Its vessels illegally entered Russian waters without permission as required under UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and a bilateral treaty between both countries.

The London Telegraph reported on another hostile Theresa May regime action against the Kremlin – targeting six Russian businessmen with alleged Putin ties, the broadsheet citing an unnamed source, saying:

“…London seeks to ‘limit their maneuverability and their ability
to travel and operate freely in Britain, Europe and elsewhere,’ with measures ranging from revoking their visas to restricting travel and even targeting their assets in the UK.”

The Theresa May regime reportedly approved a “blacklist,” naming businessmen, allegedly “identified as having an extremely close professional and financial relationship” with Vladimir Putin.

They include Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich, Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, metals and mining tycoon Alisher Usmanov, industrialist Oleg Deripaska, as well as pipelines and electrical power lines construction magnates Arkady and Boris Rotenberg.

According to the Telegraph, the above figures are being targeted “as part of a sustained (May regime) campaign to disrupt Vladimir Putin” – aiming to obstruct their ability to operate freely.

An unnamed senior Whitehall security source said “(t)he aim of the measures we intend to take is to limit their manoeuvrability and their ability to travel and operate freely in Britain, Europe and elsewhere.”

“These individuals have been identified as having an extremely close professional and financial relationship with President Putin.” 

“We believe they are involved in doing the Kremlin’s bidding on a whole range of fronts, which includes using their financial muscle on behalf of the Russian state.”

“Roman Abramovich is on the list because he is believed to be” closest to Putin among the targeted businessmen.

“Targeting (them) will be an important part of the UK Government’s response to the Salisbury attack” – Russia had nothing to do with.

US/UK relations with Russia are more dismal and dangerous than during the darkest Cold War period – Russia bashing ongoing with a frenzy.

The reckless agenda risks direct confrontation if US and UK hardliners push things too far. Their Russophobic rage may make it inevitable – risking possible nuclear war able to kill us all.

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