China Warns of Grave Consequences if Huawei Official Not Released

China Warns of Grave Consequences if Huawei Official Not Released

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The arrest by Canadian authorities of Huawei Technologies’ chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou was made in the USA by the Trump regime.

The action was part of Washington’s aim to aid corporate America against foreign competition – by whatever it takes to give US enterprises an  international advantage by fair or foul means.

Meng’s arrest breached the 90 day Sino/US truce DLT and China’s Xi Jinping agreed on at the G20 summit.

It’s more proof that the US under Republicans and undemocratic Dems can never be trusted – time and again, breaching international laws, treaties and other agreements, operating by its own rules, no others.

Arresting Meng is unrelated to America’s growing trade deficit with China. It’s all about the US wanting to undermine its “Made in China 2025” agenda to become an economic, industrial, and technological powerhouse.

Washington seeks global dominance, tolerating no challengers to its aim for dominion over planet earth, its resources and populations.

Republicans and Dems aim to marginalize, weaken, contain, and isolate China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and other sovereign independent countries, wanting them transformed into US vassal states.

Meng’s unacceptable arrest showed a thaw in Sino/US relations at the G20 is pure illusion. Major differences between both nations are too irreconcilable to resolve.

The Trump regime’s action against Meng threatens to disrupt uneasy bilateral relations more than already.

Canada’s Trudeau regime acted as a US proxy. Beijing demands Meng’s immediate release, threatening “grave consequences” otherwise.

China’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Yucheng summoned Canadian ambassador John McCallum, lodging a “strong protest” over the incident – calling it unlawful, “unreasonable (and) extremely nasty,” adding:

“China strongly urges the Canadian side to immediately release the detained person, and earnestly protect their lawful, legitimate rights, otherwise Canada must accept full responsibility for the serious consequences caused.”

Beijing accused Canada of “severely violating the legal, legitimate rights of a Chinese citizen.” Last August, a US federal judge issued a warrant for Meng’s arrest. 

Avoiding travel to America, she was arrested in Vancouver while changing planes en route to Mexico. Her arrest and detention came on the same day Trump and Xi Jinping met on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Trump regime alleges a Huawei subsidiary used HSBC Holdings and other banks to evade US sanctions on Iran. They’re flagrantly illegal. No nation or business enterprise should observe them.

Security Council members alone may legally impose sanctions on nations, not individual ones against others – what the US does repeatedly, a tactic to illegally advance its imperium.

Meng faces extradition to the US on unacceptable allegations of “conspiracy to defraud multiple financial institutions” by covertly using a subsidiary to sell company products to Iran – Hauwei’s legal right. 

If tried and convicted in America, she faces potential longterm imprisonment.

During a Friday court hearing in Vancouver, no decision was reached on the disposition of her case. She remains in custody. On Monday, a Canadian court is expected to rule on whether to grant her bail and under what conditions.

Canadian prosecutor John Gibb-Carsley asked for bail to be denied. A Huawei spokesman said the company fully complies with international laws.

China’s Global Times accused Canadian authorities of subjecting Meng to “rude and degrading treatment” during her arrest and in detention, saying:

At Vancouver’s airport, she “was immediately handcuffed…and taken to a detention facility. She was also cuffed on her way to and from hospital from the facility,” adding: 

She “was wearing ankle braces when…taken to the correction center after her first bail hearing…put into restraining devices used on felons.”

“Treating her as a prisoner is not only degrading, but is also a violation of her basic human rights.” 

Meng had surgery in May. She requires daily medication for high blood pressure. In detention, she’s been denied proper medical treatment, according to Chinese authorities.

Beijing is justifiably angered over collusion by the Trump and Trudeau regimes against China by targeting a top official of one of its dominant private enterprises.

It’s unclear what action Xi Jinping’s government will take in response to what happened. It likely depends on the disposition of Meng’s case.

If she’s extradited to America to stand trial unjustly, Sino/US trade talks will be severely disrupted. China won’t likely let the incident go unchallenged unless she’s released and all charges against her dropped.

What happened to Meng could be repeated by the US against other Chinese officials – why Beijing no doubt will act to protect its vital interests based on what unfolds ahead.

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