Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Ukraine and INF Treaty

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Ukraine and INF Treaty

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) tried putting a brave face on the failed Idlib province demilitarized zone agreement. 

To his discredit, Putin let Erdogan con him into implementing it while continuing to support terrorists in the province he pretends to oppose.

How much longer will Putin wait before acknowledging Erdogan betrayed him and Idlib residents held hostage by US/Turkish supported terrorists?

When will he support a long overdue campaign to liberate the last jihadist stronghold in the country? 

It should have been launched in September or earlier. Syrian forces were mobilized to attack, failing to act on Moscow’s orders.

Terrorists infesting Idlib used the past few months to regroup, increase their ranks, and receive more heavy weapons from the Trump regime and other Western countries, much of it coming cross-border from Turkey.

The longer the delay in launching a liberating campaign, the harder it’ll be to achieve, the worse off millions of Syrians will be.

MZ falsely claimed “Turkey has been making efforts to disengage the ‘moderate’ opposition from the terrorists.” No so-called “moderates” exist. 

All anti-government jihadists in Syria are cutthroat killer jihadists, responsible for gruesome atrocities, including CW attacks, wrongfully blamed on Damascus.

MZ explained that it’s “been impossible to stop…daily provocations” by (US/Turkish supported) terrorists she called “militants” instead of correctly identifying them.

All combatants are militants. Terrorists are a separate breed altogether, trained to commit atrocities and other high crimes against government forces and civilians.

MZ: Putin and Erdogan “met on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires on December 1, confirm(ng) the existing agreements on Idlib and coordinating further steps for their implementation.”

Given Erdogan’s support for terrorists infesting Idlib, supplying them with weapons, letting them pass freely cross-border from Turkey into Syrian territory isn’t what fulfilling the agreement with Putin is all about. 

It’s polar opposite. He’s part of the problem in Syria, not the solution. The longer Putin relies on him for conflict resolution help, the harder it’ll be to achieve.

MZ slammed the so-called US-led coalition, saying “(t)he Americans continue their illegal occupation of the 55-kilometer zone surrounding the Al-Tanf military base, where they behave as if they were its rightful owners.”

They use the base and others in Syria to train and arm ISIS and other terrorists, along with using illegally established bases as platforms to attack government forces and civilians.

US aggression in Syria “speak(s) to an unwillingness to ensure at least minimal stability” in parts of the country, said MZ.

Washington’s agenda is all about regime change, partitioning Syria, stealing its resources, exploiting its people, and isolating Iran, ahead of a similar scheme to topple its government – what MZ should have explained.

She falsely said “Western coalition forces achieved a ‘major’ success in southeastern Syria where they…managed to win from ISIS northern Hajin.”

She knows the US created and supports ISIS, al Nusra and other terrorist groups, but failed to explain it.

US forces pretend to be combatting the scourge they fully support – in Syria and all its other war theaters.

The US-installed regime in Kiev is a Nazi-infested malignancy in Europe’s heartland. Crazies running Ukraine are “ready to do anything, even unleash a new blitzkrieg in southeastern Ukraine,” said MZ.

They likely have another Russian provocation in mind, probably implementing another scheme cooked up in Washington and London, Ukrainian forces used as their proxies.

MZ: “(W)e have been hearing about ongoing preparations for possible military actions by the Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass.” 

“(T)he Kiev regime is trying to use the cover of information noise to direct the international community’s attention to its own provocation in the Kerch Strait which it tries to pass off as aggressive actions taken by Russia.” 

“Substantial offensive forces are being redeployed in that region and dispersed along the contact line. (P)hotos of tank units redeployed to Mariupol were posted on social media.” 

“(A)irborne assault and mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian armed forces are being redeployed in the conflict zone. In November, the personnel of these brigades underwent training at the training ranges in the Zhytomyr and Lvov regions overseen by the US, Canadian and British instructors.”

“(M)artial law is (a pretext), conceal(ing) plans to stage another provocation in Donbass,” portrayed as “Russian aggression.”

The Trump and Theresa May regimes are involved with Kiev in planning more naked aggression on Donbass to be implemented whenever the US and UK order their Ukrainian proxies to launch a major attack.

Full-scale war could happen any time. MZ said nothing about what Russia may do to aid Donbass freedom fighters defend their territory against what’s likely coming.

She explained the Trump regime’s hoax about intending to pull out of the landmark 1987 INF Treaty over Russian violations that don’t exist.

The coming pullout is all about DLT hardliners wanting no restraints on the development of illegal weapons able to target Russia’s heartland – and wherever else they may want to use them.

Washington and its imperial allies have a disturbing habit of blaming Russia and their other adversaries for all sorts of things without providing a shred of evidence backing claims made.

Moscow fully complies with INF provisions. Washington breached them by installing Aegis Ashore missiles in Eastern Europe near Russia’s border – for offensive use, not defense as falsely claimed.

Washington considers Russia its main enemy – despite facing no threat from the country or any others.

It may be just a matter of time before East/West confrontation occurs, the world’s dominant nuclear powers clashing with each other.

The ominous risk of nuclear war puts humanity’s survival up for grabs if the Trump regime or a successor one uses these weapons against Russia or any other countries.

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