Ceasefire in Yemen on Verge of Collapse

Ceasefire in Yemen on Verge of Collapse

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Washington calls the shots on war or peace in Yemen (and all other active US war theaters) – not other NATO countries, Israel, the Saudis, or warring sides in Sweden earlier this month.

As long as dominant bipartisan US hardliners reject conflict resolution, achieving it will remain unattainable – the way it’s been in all post-9/11 conflict theaters, what won’t change under a new US war secretary.

Washington’s imperial agenda worldwide won’t miss a beat once Mattis no longer is US war secretary. Warmakers alone hold the post, peacemakers shunned, the way it’s always been throughout the post-WW II era – from Truman to Trump.

Ceasefire in Yemen came into effect post-midnight December 17. Days later, it’s been more illusion than reality.

US-supported Saudi/UAE terror-bombing continues, including against civilian targets like earlier. Houthi-supported Al Masirah television accused Riyadh and the UAE of breaching ceasefire terms by bombing and shelling targeted sites.

Sanaa residents reported Saudi/UAE terror-bombing of the al-Dailami airbase near the city. Agreed on truce after a week of talks in Sweden is proving more illusion than reality. No breakthrough was achieved because US hardliners want endless war, not resolution.

Repeated Saudi/UAE ceasefire breaches are occurring in and around the port city of Hodeidah, along with elsewhere in the country.

Houthi sources said the Saudis and UAE reinforced their frontline positions in the Hodeidah countryside, their forces preemptively clashing with Houthi fighters.

On Wednesday, Houthi leader Mohammed Ali al-Houthi condemned Sudan for greater involvement against their fighters, saying:

“The decision by Sudan’s administration to send more forces to Yemen indicates the Khartoum government’s opposition to the establishment of peace and security in Yemen (while) its president, Omar al-Bashir, was being sought internationally on charges of terrorism and committing some crimes and atrocities in his country, and the Sudanese ruling establishment cannot defend him against the charges.”

Deployment of more Sudanese troops in Yemen is more evidence that endless war will continue without resolution.

A Houthi statement said its forces successfully countered a large-scale Saudi-led offensive on Hodeidah – after the conclusion of peace talks in Sweden.

The Trump regime rejects peace. So do the Saudis and UAE. Endless war in Yemen rages with no prospect for ending it any time soon.

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