The Key Unaddressed War Issue in the Mainstream

The Key Unaddressed War Issue in the Mainstream

by Stephen Lendman

Redeploying US combat troops from column A to column B, from one nation to another, from one war theater to one or more others nearby, leaves Washington’s imperial agenda unchanged – its rage for world dominance, its naked aggression against one nation after another, the highest of high crimes.

That’s the key issue the hue and cry over Trump’s announced troop pullout from Syria and partial withdrawal from Afghanistan left unaddressed.

Republicans and undemocratic Dems are in lockstep over Washington’s aim to rule the world, wanting all nations co-opted as vassal states, allies and adversaries alike, their resources handed to corporate America for looting, their people exploited as serfs.

The beat goes on. Trump’s announcement changed nothing. First, it’s unclear what’s coming in Syria and Afghanistan in the new year – maybe continuation of the status quo or minor tactical changes.

Washington wants control over Afghanistan maintained. It wants Assad toppled in Syria, replaced by pro-Western puppet rule, the US gaining another imperial trophy, Iran isolated ahead of a similar scheme against its government.

Most of all, Republicans and Dems want Russia and China subordinated to US interests. Both countries represent the final frontier of resistance against Washington’s hegemonic aims – by whatever it takes to achieve them, war its favorite strategy.

US occupation of Afghanistan continues, its puppet regime controlled by Washington. Pentagon forces will either remain in Syria, be redeployed nearby, or a combination of the two.

Washington didn’t construct around 18 military bases in Syria to abandon them. According to the al-Arabiyah satellite network, the Pentagon intends setting up a new base in Iraq’s Erbil province, near Iran and Syria, perhaps where some or all US troops in Syria will be redeployed.

A new US base was already established in Iraqi Kurdistan, the fifth Pentagon base in the country’s north. According to the Arabic-language al-Maaloumah news site, the Pentagon built an airfield in the area – to be used for regional terror-bombing.

Another US base is being built in Iraq, around 20 miles from the Syrian border. A previous article said the Pentagon intends maintaining unknown numbers of special forces in Syria if other US troops are withdrawn.

Perhaps UK, French, and other NATO forces will replace withdrawn US ones if redeployed. Washington’s support for ISIS and other jihadists continues unchanged, aided by Pentagon terror-bombing. 

Netanyahu vowed to escalate attacks on Syrian targets, saying:

“We will continue to act in Syria to prevent Iran’s efforts to militarily entrench itself against us (sic). We are not reducing our efforts. We will increase our efforts. (W)e do so with the full support and backing of the US.”

Iran has no combat troops in Syria, no bases – military advisers only, operating from Syrian bases and Damascus.

A Macron regime official pledged continued French operations in Syria – on the phony pretext of combatting ISIS the US, France, Britain, the Saudis and Israel support.

Separately, Trump named deputy US war secretary Patrick Shanahan to replace Mattis, effective January 1, indicating the pullout of US forces from Syria, if it comes, will happen “slow(ly),” not “soon” as initially suggested.

On Sunday, outgoing Trump regime war secretary Mattis reportedly signed an order for US forces to withdraw from Syria. Nothing is written in stone. Things may change in the new year. The redeployment if comes could take months to complete.

US forces came to all active war and so-called “counterterrorism”  theaters worldwide to stay, including Libya and Somalia, part of Washington’s imperial strategy to control all other nations.

Whatever happens in the aftermath of Trump’s Syria and Afghanistan moves, US objectives in both countries and all others remain unchanged.

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