Netanyahu Regime Calls Early Elections

Netanyahu Regime Calls Early Elections

by Stephen Lendman

Fascists run Israel. They dominate most parties, enforcing apartheid viciousness in the Territories and against Arab citizens.

Separate and unequal is longstanding Israeli policy, in place from inception. Arabs are demeaned and unwanted.

They’re targeted by discriminatory laws, violating their fundamental rights. Rubber-stamp courts most often support wrong over right – the way apartheid ruthlessness works.

Democracy is verboten. It’s more illusion than real. The Jewish state is “a machine for the manufacture of human rights abuses,” the late Joel Kovel explained, adding:

The scourge of Zionism fosters “imperialist expansion and militarism (with) signs of the fascist malignancy.” 

Hate-mongering extremists threaten regional peace and stability – no matter what coalition regime runs things.

On Monday, the Netanyahu regime called early elections on April 9 after failing to get enough support for court-ordered legislation, requiring ultra-orthodox men to perform mandatory military service.

The Knesset is expected to be dissolved before yearend. Netanyahu is Israel’s longest serving prime minister, last elected in March 2015.

Under Article 4 of its Basic Law: “The Knesset shall be elected by general, national, direct, equal, secret and proportional elections, in accordance with the Knesset Elections Law.” 

Every Israeli citizen 18 or older may vote, including Arabs, comprising about 20% of Israel’s population. 

Knesset seats are assigned proportionally to each party’s percentage of the total vote. A minimum total is required to win any seats. 

Jewish parties alone are empowered. Arab MKs have no decision-making authority. They’re also constrained by the 1992 Law of Political Parties, and section 7A(1) of Israel’s Basic Law, prohibiting candidates from denying “the existence of the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people.”

No candidate may challenge Israel’s fundamental Jewish character or demand equal rights, privileges, and justice. That’s what Zionism is all about.

It’s tyranny by another name, shamefully claiming Jewish supremacy, specialness, and uniqueness, demeaning people of other faiths, notably Muslims. 

Advocating strength through militarism, intimidation and naked aggression, it’s ideologically what most parties in Israel endorse – what free societies abhor.

Netanyahu said his coalition unanimously agreed to disband and hold April 9 elections, following three months of campaigning – seeking “a clear mandate to continue leading the state of Israel our way,” he roared, what supporters of peace, equity and justice everywhere oppose.

Polls indicates Netanyahu’s Likud party will likely win most seats, leaving it in the best position to form a new extremist regime.

Based on credible evidence, police recommended he be indicted for bribery, fraud, and/or breach of trust – the wild card in what plays out in the new year.

His most serious high crimes aren’t addressed, including wars of aggression on Gaza, along with daily state terror against millions of defenseless Palestinians – far graver offenses than civil wrongdoing.

Israeli police don’t charge or prosecute offenders. Israel’s attorney general heads its Prosecution Service, bringing charges when made against individuals.

Will years of serious wrongdoing catch up with Netanyahu in the new year? Will justice be served?

A previous article explained no Israeli politician was ever held accountable for high crimes against Palestinians, supporting terrorism, or terror-bombing other countries, nor is it likely ahead.

No matter Netanyahu’s fate or how elections turn out, horrific  mistreatment of Palestinians will continue unabated – especially Gazans, suffocating under oppressive blockade, enforced solely for political reasons.

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