Holiday Season Deception and Big Lies

Holiday Season Deception and Big Lies

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US-led Western media managed news misinformation and disinformation continue throughout the holiday season with no letup – suppressing what’s vital to report, deceiving readers and viewers on virtually all vital issues affecting their lives and welfare.

Because of its global reach, the NYT operates as a virtual ministry of propaganda, serving US dark forces, notably on geopolitical issues, especially on Russia, China and Iran, betraying readers instead of informing them.

A feature story on Yemen omitted what’s vital to report. Titled “The Tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s War,” it blamed Riyadh for US naked aggression launched by Bush/Cheney, continued by Obama, escalated by Trump.

Other countries are appendages to all US wars of aggression, serving its interests, at times harming their own.

Belatedly focusing on the “tragedy” of Yemen after largely ignoring it for years, the Times failed to address endless US aggression in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, against Palestinians in cahoots with Israel, along with US forces belligerently and otherwise infesting three-fourths of world countries, CIA operatives virtually everywhere worldwide.

America’s global presence is up to no good, advancing the nation’s imperium, seeking dominance over all other countries, brute force its favored strategy – what the NYT and other US media never explain, supporting what demands denunciation.

Washington’s drive for global hegemony endangers everyone everywhere. US supported and enforced blockade of Yemen made humanitarian crisis conditions far worse.

The Times failed to lay blame for what’s ongoing where it mostly belongs. Yemen is Trump’s war, inherited from his predecessors, what the self-styled newspaper of record suppressed.

The neocon-CIA house organ Washington Post operates as a mouthpiece for Langley. A fake news report accused Russia of waging a “disinformation campaign” against the so-called White Helmets.

WaPo lied calling them “civil defense…rescue(rers),” falsely claiming they “rescued tens of thousands of civilians from the rubble of Syrian and Russian airstrikes.”

Fact: The largely US/UK-funded White Helmets foster terrorism and imperial ravaging on the phony pretext of providing humanitarian aid.

The Syria Solidarity Movement earlier called them al-Qaeda “with a facelift,” their ranks infested with jihadists, involved in atrocities against civilians, including CW attacks.

There’s nothing humanitarian about their mission, just the opposite, complicit in high crimes of war and against humanity where they’re deployed.

Not according to WaPo, praising instead of denouncing them, calling Russian truth-telling about the group a “disinformation campaign…including bogus charges (sic) that the White Helmets are preparing chemical attacks on Syrian soil.”

It’s what they do and a whole lot more. What’s important to explain, WaPo suppresses, notably anything connected to US wars of aggression against nations threatening no one.

Separately, WaPo turned truth on its head, claiming nonexistent former and current “grown-ups” (sic) in the Trump regime represent its “last lines of defense against” DLT.

A previous article explained that there’s nothing “grown-up” about hawkish militarism and belligerent wars of aggression – or letting Wall Street run US domestic policymaking.

WaPo and other US major media reject pulling back from endless wars of aggression in multiple theaters. They’re complicit in high crimes of war and against humanity by supporting them.

The Times, WaPo, Wall Street Journal, and other major media lied, claiming withdrawal of Pentagon forces from Syria and Afghanistan endangers US national security and civilians in these countries.

Endless US wars of aggression rage against invented enemies. Real ones don’t exist. The lives, safety, and welfare of civilians in its war theaters are greatly endangered by the presence of its forces, operating illegally, committing the highest of high crimes. 

All countries America attacked post-WW II had peace and stability before US forces showed up, Afghanistan an exception.

Its troubled history goes back centuries, including the 19th century great game struggle, pitting imperial Britain against tsarist Russia for control of the country.

A new great game pits imperial America against Sino/Russian unity, a global struggle, the stakes much higher than earlier.

Wherever US forces show up, mass slaughter and destruction follow. Endless wars rage in multiple theaters, resolving them rejected – peace and stability considered abhorrent notions

US major media consistently suppress what’s most important to report – during the holiday season and all other times of the year, a daily betrayal of what journalism is supposed to be.

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