The NYT Lying Machine Never Rests

The NYT Lying Machine Never Rests

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times is to journalism the way it should be what war is to peace, what equity is to injustice, what the rule of law is to flagrant breaches – what yellow journalism is to the real thing.

Notably on geopolitical issues, especially anything about Russia, the self-styled newspaper of record is a weapon of mass deception, a daily proliferator of managed news misinformation and disinformation, a sworn enemy of truth-telling on vital issues.

Its Thursday edition is like most others. It turned truth on its head, claiming Syria’s future is “brittle” over the withdrawal of US forces (if actually happens) and help from Russia and Iran in liberating most of its territory.

Calling years of war “civil” ignored Obama’s aggression, escalated by Trump, using ISIS and likeminded jihadists as US proxy forces.

If Pentagon troops withdraw and aggression against Damascus is entirely defeated, the Times falsely claimed “Iran and Russia will be even freer to flex their power in Syria,” disgracefully adding its government will be “puppeteered” by Moscow and Tehran – a bald-faced lie.

The Times lied saying “Iranian manpower…embedded themselves (in Syria), sen(ing)  tens of thousands of Iranian and proxy fighters to Syria.”

Iranian military advisers alone are aiding Assad combat US supported terrorists at his request. No Iranian “proxy (combat) forces” operate anywhere – a US specialty, not Tehran’s.

The Times lied calling Assad “a brutal autocrat,” ignoring his overwhelming support by the Syrian people, dependent on and grateful for his liberating efforts.

Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah fighters operate in Syria legally. The US and its imperial partners are aggressors – in Syria, elsewhere in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia – facts the Times suppresses.

It persists in perpetuating the Big Lie about the US combatting the scourge of ISIS it actively supports, including by supplying its jihadists with funding, training, direction, and heavy weapons.

The “anti-Assad insurgency” the Times claims time and again is US aggression, using jihadist proxies, supported by Pentagon-led terror-bombing it never explains – nor where heavy and other weapons come from ending up in the hands of terrorists.

Tanks, artillery, rockets, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, machine guns and grenade launchers, along with thermal cameras, advanced wireless devices, night goggles, and much more don’t materialize out of thin air.

They’re supplied by the US, Britain, France, Turkey, other NATO countries, the Saudis and Israel. They’re delivered cross border from Syria, Jordan and Israel, air-lifted in as well by the Pentagon – cutthroat killer jihadists the recipients.

Throughout years of US aggression, the Times and other major Western media suppressed all of the above and much more about what’s going on – in all active US war theaters.

On Thursday, a separate Times article ignored US war in Yemen since the Bush/Cheney regime, continued by Obama, escalated by Trump, blaming the Saudis for what’s going on – using weapons largely supplied by America, Britain and France.

All major world conflicts are US initiated ones, naked aggression against sovereign states, NATO, Israel and other countries complicit in what’s going on.

The Times is a lying machine, explaining none of the above. The same goes for all other major Western media and most others worldwide.

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