The NYT: Press Agent for Wealth, Power and Privilege

The NYT: Press Agent for Wealth, Power and Privilege

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times never met a US war of aggression it didn’t back wholeheartedly – nor any of its  adversaries it didn’t bash with relish, notably Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, North Korea, Russia, and China.

It’s silent about thousands of political prisoners languishing in Washington’s gulag, including Russians for their wrong nationality, as well as Muslims for praying to the wrong God.

The Trump regime’s hostility toward China escalated with the unlawful arrest and detention of Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies’ chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities in Vancouver, acting as a US proxy.

Coming on the same day DLT met with China’s Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina compounded the unacceptable action.

Along with indicting two other Chinese nationals on dubious cyber espionage charges, what’s going on is all about the Trump regime aiding corporate America over foreign competition, notably China’s aim to be an economic, industrial and technological powerhouse, well on its way toward achieving it.

Huawei is an internationally dominant Chinese tech giant, the world’s largest multinational telecom equipment maker, the second largest smartphone producer, a cutting-edge fifth generation (5G) cellular communications company.

Targeting two Chinese nationals on dubious cyber espionage charges follows the same pattern, challenging the nation’s growing economic and technological clout.

Beijing responded to Meng’s unlawful arrest and detention with justifiable toughness – arresting and detaining three Canadian nationals, a likely tit-for-tat action, a way to get Ottawa’s attention, perhaps intending to hold them until Meng is free, able to resume normal activities.

If not, maybe arresting and detaining US nationals in China comes next. Toughness is the only language Washington understands, diplomacy a waste of time.

Serving as a US proxy, the NYT slammed the detention of Canadian nationals, unacceptably demanding they be “released immediately.”

Accusing Beijing of “flout(ing) the rule of law and disregard(ing) and disregard(ing)” ignored horrendous US human rights abuses globally, notably its endless wars of aggression, its repeat flouting of international, constitutional and US statute laws.

China is a peacemaker, at war against no one, seeking cooperative relations with other nations – carrots, not sticks, its way of operating, polar opposite US policies, seeking hegemonic control over all other countries, raping and destroying one after another.

Ignoring torture as official US and Israeli policy, the Times claimed “(i)t is not unusual for prisoners detained by China to be held in solitary confinement with the lights on 24 hours a day and be subject to prolonged interrogation, even torture.”

The US and Israel subject countless numbers of political prisoners to horrific torture and ill-treatment, including women and children.

China earlier said Canadian national Kevin Garratt, held for two years on charges of spying and stealing state secrets, was being treated humanely. Nothing suggests other detained Canadian nationals are being abused.

The US repeatedly breaches rule of law principles, operating solely by its own rules, the issue ignored by the Times, calling China’s legal system “opaque…”

The problem with Sino/US relations is the same as its agenda against all other nations – wanting them to subordinate their sovereign rights to America, serving its interests at the expense of their own.

It’s a vital issue the Times won’t touch, supporting Washington’s aim to rule the world, including by waging endless wars of aggression.

The Times: “There is so far no evidence that Ms. Meng’s arrest is anything more than a part of the Trump administration’s aggressive enforcement of the sanctions regime against Iran.”

Fact: Unilaterally imposed US sanctions on Iran and other countries are flagrantly illegal. No nations, entities and individuals should observe them – what the Times failed to explain, supporting US illegally instead of denouncing it.

On Sunday, China’s Global Times warned Canada about its unlawful action against Meng, its tough language, saying “(t)he US and Canada have joined hands to break the crucial boundary between the international business game and geopolitical struggle,” adding:

Detained Canadian nationals are “enjoy(ing) exactly the same rights as other foreigners. No evidence has shown any unfair treatment.”

“Every time China legally detains citizens of Western countries, Western media unexceptionally report the event as a violation of human rights and the rule of law. Such scenes may continue until Western countries show more respect for China’s laws.”

“It remains uncertain what the US and its allies will do next. Will the US attack more Chinese enterprises? Will it normalize the arrest of executives as means of suppression?” 

“Will it ask more allies to cooperate with extradition? Will Washington use the same means to cope with competitors from other countries and regions?” 

“Canada is an accomplice in the US violation of the international business order. While claiming devotion and innocence in defending the rule of law, it is taking unreasonable and unscrupulous actions against China. Canada certainly will pay for this.”

“China will make Canada pay the price if it extradites Meng to the US so as to demonstrate to the world the cost of helping Washington harm China.”

Colonized Canada is a US proxy, the same as EU countries and most others, along with Western media, a collective mouthpiece for Washington’s hostile agenda.

China’s toughness should aim at the US most of all – the Trump regime congressional leaders, pursuing America’s imperial agenda, waging war on humanity worldwide.

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