Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Ukraine, and Phony Kremlin Meddling

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Ukraine, and Phony Kremlin Meddling

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Endless US war on Syria continues. Trump’s announced troop pullout leaves Washington’s regime change objective unchanged – why war was launched on the country in the first place.

Commenting on US militarized control over Syria’s Rukban refugee camp, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) said conditions for tens of thousands in the camp remain “critical,” adding:

Washington blocks most humanitarian aid from entering. It’s infested with ISIS and other jihadists the US supports.

MZ: The Pentagon “insist(s) that the illegal armed groups deployed in the area should ensure safe passage for aid convoys” to the camp, assuring they’ll seize it for their own use or to sell for whatever amounts they can extort from desperate people.

“(T)his is precisely what they did during the passage of the first convoy to Rukban last November. At the same time, the United States delivers tons of goods for their military stationed at (its illegal) al-Tanf (military base), without…coordinat(ing) these shipments with anyone.”

The US is holding Rukban camp refugees hostage to its imperial agenda. Their suffering continues at the hands of a ruthless occupier.

In deference to Washington and the West, the OPCW has yet to investigate the November 24 chemical weapons attack in Alleppo by US supported terrorists.

MZ: “(W)e do not see (OPCW investigations into) similar cases,” notably last April’s Eastern Ghouta phony CW incident, wrongfully blamed on Syrian forces.

At the time, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said Moscow has “evidence that Britain had a direct involvement in arranging this provocation in Eastern Ghouta” – clearly in cahoots with Washington, both nations partnered in waging war on Syria.

Sergey Lavrov stressed the same thing as Konashenkov, saying “Russia has strong evidence proving…UK involvement in staging (an alleged) chemical attack in” Douma.

Western financed, (al-Qaeda-linked) White Helmets were involved, Lavrov added. No CW attack occurred. 

Claims otherwise were fabricated. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert lied, claiming Washington has “a very high level of confidence” that Assad was responsible – for something that didn’t happen.

Asked if the Trump administration has clear evidence backing its accusation, Heather said sorry, it’s classified. “We are unable to” reveal it.

US envoy to the OPCW Kenneth Ward lied, claiming “(t)he United States is concerned that Russia may have tampered with the Douma attack site with the intent of thwarting an effective investigation by the OPCW fact-finding mission.”

The OPCW operates as a virtual US imperial tool, its findings serving its interests. The Trump regime got the organization to rubber-stamp its falsified Douma narrative. Its credibility was lost long ago.

MZ: The US and its imperial allies go all-out to ensure that “OPCW…report(s) contain statements they need, not reflect the real facts.”

Fascists infesting Ukraine’s parliament are militantly Russophobic. They turned truth on its head claiming “massive violations of the rights of the indigenous peoples in the Russian Federation, including freedom of speech, conscience, assembly, and education in their native language.”

MZ responded saying “apparently they have nothing better to do than discuss the situation with the indigenous peoples in Russia,” adding:

Ruling authorities in Kiev commit flagrant human and civil rights abuses against their own citizens. “(T)hey are trying to teach other states and export their proven experience in suppressing ethnic identity.”

They resort “to a gross distortion of reality, incompetent evaluation and speculations under the pretext of protecting the rights of indigenous peoples.”

Russia is proudly “multi-ethnic and multi-religious,” respecting the rights of all its people. Alleging Russian human rights abuses “is not new.” 

“This is a common ploy used by those who, during the election campaign, are trying to gain political favor by looking for external enemies.” 

“The cynicism of the Ukrainian legislators…exceeds all conceivable limits,” their legitimacy sorely lacking.

Separately, Kiev’s security council secretary Alexander Turchinov warned about another Kerch Strait provocation, aiming to get NATO involved.

MZ: “Apparently, they did not learn their lesson from the recent incident with Ukrainian sailors who became hostages of the Maidan authorities’ aggressive politics.”

“We expect that Ukraine’s Western curators will not only refrain from participating in this insane initiative but will find ways to reign in the ruling regime in Kiev and make it drop any incautious steps that could lead to another escalation in the region.”

Phony accusations claiming Russian meddling in the internal affairs of other countries continue – stuff invented by the US and Britain to bash the Kremlin.

MZ mocked them saying Russian officials have nothing better to do than interfere “in the elections in South Africa and (attempt) to arrange a coup in Montenegro and to influence the referendum in Catalonia,” adding: 

“(W)e provoked the ‘yellow vests’ protests in France; supported anti-immigrant movements in Germany; in one form or another, Russia allegedly interfered in India and Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, Argentina and Peru, in the Middle East. and in the post-Soviet republics.”

Phony US/UK accusations about nonexistent Russian “interfer(ence) in electoral processes have long since become permanent background noise, notwithstanding the absence of arguments or evidence based on established norms.”

Nothing important can happen in America and Britain “without our involvement” – evidence backing claims never forthcoming because none exists.

Russophobic hysteria risks developing into something much more dangerous than phony accusations. 

Washington’s rage for global hegemony could result in confrontation between the world’s leading nuclear powers.

Western media ignore the threat, focusing on endless Russia bashing, reading from the script handed them by ruling regimes in their countries – especially in the US and Britain.

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